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Must Reads by Dara Lind and Greg Sargent: Trump’s Immigration Dance Does Not Add Up to a Policy Pivot

Earlier this week, Frank Sharry argued that Donald Trump was attempting to “cynically repackage a truly radical policy to make it more palatable to suburban white voters rightfully turned off by Trump’s explicit racism and nativism. But the underlying deportation-focused policy doesn’t seem to be evolving alongside the rhetorical tweaks.” Others have argued that Trump’s rhetorical shift … Continue reading »

National Leaders Respond: How Is Trump’s Latino and African American Outreach Going?

Following Donald Trump’s immigration focused town hall with Sean Hannity this week and purported campaign decision to re-engage with African American and Latino voters, some of the nation’s leading immigration advocates and experts along with leading civil rights voices gave their take on how his new campaign strategy is working. For a recording of today’s call, … Continue reading »

Trump Spokesperson Spills The Beans About The Fake Immigration Pivot

Donald Trump has been trying to change how he talks about his immigration positions without actually changing his immigration positions, and his own campaign just confirmed that. “He hasn’t changed his position on immigration,” Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson said during a CNN appearance earlier today. “He’s changed the words that he is saying.” Two of … Continue reading »

Greg Sargent: “Here’s Why It’s Important To Hold Trump To His Actual Positions”

Donald Trump may be unsure of his own immigration views depending on who he’s talking to, but at least on paper he couldn’t be any more clearer. As Matt Hildreth wrote yesterday, Trump’s official immigration policy has not changed — mass deportation of all 11 million undocumented immigrants and their families; banning Muslims from entering the United States; … Continue reading »

Trump en foro comunitario sobre inmigración: nuevo lenguaje, misma política

Anoche, durante una reunión comunitaria conducida por Sean Hannity, de Fox News, Donald Trump trató de reavivar su compromiso con votantes moderados –o como el Washington Post lo expresó hoy, “contrarrestar la opinión de muchos de que es un ‘racista’”. Aunque algunos medios de información aseguran que Trump está dando un giro en su política, nosotros discrepamos. Trump … Continue reading »

Amidst Trump’s “Immigration Week,” Leading Immigration Reform Advocates Discuss State of the Race

Following part one of Trump’s immigration focused town halland amidst Trump’s “immigration week,” leaders in the immigration reform movement gathered to analyze the current state of the 2016 race and the immigrant community’s priorities for these elections. A recording of today’s call is available here. César J. Blanco, Interim Director, Latino Victory Fund, said “As far as … Continue reading »

Trump’s Immigration Town Hall: New Language, Same Policy

Last night, during a Fox News town hall hosted by Sean Hannity, Donald Trump tried to reboot his outreach to moderate voters – or, as the Washington Post phrases it today, “counter the view of many that he is ‘racist.’” While some media assessments assert Trump is pivoting on policy, we beg to differ. Trump did not break new policy ground last … Continue reading »

Tectonic Demographic Shift in NC Electorate Spells Doom for GOP’s Divisive Agenda

While Donald Trump’s rallies in North Carolina have become infamous this election cycle for their xenophobic and divisive rhetoric and frequent outbursts of violence, the more significant story may prove to be a tectonic, though silent, shift in the North Carolina electorate that strongly rejects the extreme agenda of Donald Trump and the North Carolina … Continue reading »

TPM: “Even If Trump Changes On Immigration, The Damage To The GOP Is Done”

Donald Trump isn’t shifting his position on immigration — he’s just shifting how he talks about it. In recent days, Trump and his advisors have attempted to give off the impression that he is softening his tone on immigration. But the fact remains that Trump is still in favor of a “deportation force” to remove … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Greg Sargent Captures That Trump Immigration “Softening” Is Rhetorical Sales Job, Not Actual Policy Shift

In analysis titled, “Can Trump Convince Suburban Voters He’s Not a Racist?” the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent captures the motivations behind Donald Trump’s supposed immigration “pivot,” recognizing that it’s a rhetorical sales job designed to shore up support from wavering white voters rather than an actual policy shift. Sargent writes: “The Washington Post politics team has a great piece of reporting this … Continue reading »