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Nevada Latinos Give Donald Trump A Big, Beautiful Wall Of Tacos

Donald Trump wants a “big, beautiful” wall, so Latinos gave him one. Members of the influential Culinary Union 226 and over a dozen other groups parked a wall of taco and food trucks outside the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas yesterday, in protest of the candidate’s anti-immigrant, anti-Latino and anti-union rhetoric and stances. Just … Continue reading »

ICYMI: USA Today Story Highlights that Nevada Latinos are Energized, Set to Play Pivotal Role

A new story in USA Today examines the critical role Nevada’s Latino voters will play in this election, finding that the combination of the nativism of Donald Trump, the presence of pro-immigrant Latina Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto, and the hard work of groups, organizers and activists on the ground is helping to energize this pivotal electorate with … Continue reading »

The American Public Overwhelmingly Sides with Clinton over Trump on Immigration Policy and Politics

While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are running very different campaigns on a number of topics, few issues present such a stark contrast as immigration. Not only do the two candidates offer diametrically opposed views on the role of immigration and immigrants in America, but their positions are anchored in divergent theories regarding the politics … Continue reading »

With Trump Proving Himself Unfit for Office, Can Rubio Be Far Behind?

Elbert Garcia of Florida’s Voice reacted to last night’s debate with the following statement: “Once again, Donald Trump proved to the American public that he is unfit to lead a diverse nation that needs to bring people together to forge a better future and economy. He continued to denigrate women and immigrants, pitting neighbors against neighbors … Continue reading »

When #BadHombres Became A Thing On Twitter After Last Night’s Debate

Immigration finally made its into the third and final Presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada last night. But while Hillary Clinton was talking about keeping families together and a path to citizenship for the nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants, Donald Trump was talking…well…this: “We’re going to secure the border, and once the border is secured … Continue reading »

Trump vuelve a mostrar que es un verdadero ‘Bad hombre’

Donald Trump no puede evitarlo. El “bad hombre” que lleva dentro no cesa de superar sus propias y peligrosas locuras. En el último debate que se supone fuera su oportunidad de apelar a los votantes aparte de su fiel base, el nominado presidencial republicano hizo una declaración perturbadora. A la pregunta de si acatará los … Continue reading »

En inmigración, Trump termina su campaña como la empezó: menospreciando a los inmigrantes en los términos más repugnantes

La siguiente es una reacción de Lynn Tramonte, subdirectora de America’s Voice, en torno al tema migratorio que se abordó esta noche durante el tercer debate presidencial: “Cuando se trató el tema migratorio, el debate fue muy claro: la Secretaria Clinton cree en Estados Unidos como una nación de inmigrantes y de leyes, y actuará … Continue reading »

On Immigration, Trump Ending His Campaign as He Started It – Disparaging Immigrants in Loathsome Terms

The following is a quote from Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, reacting to the immigration portions in tonight’s third presidential debate: “When it comes to immigration, the debate was very clear: Secretary Clinton believes in America as a nation of immigrants and laws, and will act to advance reform that puts undocumented immigrants on a … Continue reading »

Immigration, Refugee and Latino Voter Experts Preview Final Presidential Debate

A Recording of Today’s Call is Available Here With immigration set to be a topic of the final presidential debate in Las Vegas tonight, experts and advocates gathered on a press call to discuss the facts, policy stances and politics related to the two candidates and their stances on immigration policy. A recording of today’s call is available here. Below … Continue reading »

Miami Herald Latest Florida Newspaper To Reject Native Son Marco Rubio

The Miami Herald, the influential Florida newspaper that has steadily backed Marco Rubio since 2010, yesterday endorsed his Democratic opponent Patrick Murphy for US Senate. Just six years ago, the Editorial Board wrote that Rubio had the “potential to be the kind of statesman Floridians can be proud to call a native son.” Yesterday, they declared him “a disappointment.” New … Continue reading »