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David Leopold: Breaks down DHS memorandum on Trump’s immigration orders

David Leopold, former President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, joined America’s Voice via Facebook Live to discuss the memorandums the Department of Homeland Security’s published today regarding the implementation of Trump’s executive actions on immigration. Please be sure to contact an immigrant rights service organization or an immigration attorney in your state should you need … Continue reading »

David Leopold: On Implementing Trump’s Executive Orders on Protecting the Homeland

David Leopold, former president of American Immigration Lawyers Association, joins us to discuss the two recently reported “implementation” memoranda regarding Trump’s immigration enforcement priorities. According to Leopold, the Executive Order was the Blueprint for mass deportation. These memos are the Trump Deportation Force’s owner’s manual. David Leopold, former president of American Immigration Lawyers Association, joins … Continue reading »

David Leopold: These Are Your Rights In Case Of An ICE Raid

Immigration attorney David Leopold discusses the latest on ICE’s arrest and detention of DREAMER and DACA’mented immigrant Daniel Ramirez Madina and why it’s important to know your rights. Follow United We Dream for the latest information on Daniel’s case and use the hashtag #RaidWatch to report ICE activity in your community. Immigration attorney David Leopold discusses the … Continue reading »

Cleveland Clinic Doctor Returns to America, But Many Still in Limbo Due to Trump Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Muslim Policies

In a press conference today, the Cleveland Clinic announced that Dr. Suha Abushamma is safely back home and ready to resume caring for her patients again. Charles Ornstein recently highlighted Dr. Abushamma’s story in a piece at ProPublica: “A first-year resident at the Cleveland Clinic, she was forced to leave the U.S. hours after landing at New York’s … Continue reading »