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Senate Vote Today A Big Deal: Senators to Vote from Desks, Spanish Language Media to Cover Vote Live

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Today’s Senate vote is a really, really big deal.  It’s the vote for final passage out of the Senate–a major step toward a bill becoming law. And, given the dysfunction in Congress, that doesn’t happen very often these days. We’re expecting to win by a solid margin: every Democratic Senator is likely to vote yes — and they’ll be joined by a good number of Republicans.

The fight for immigration reform isn’t over yet.  We’ll be fighting this summer to get such a bill passed through the House (if that happens, the Senate and House bills must be reconciled in conference committee).

But still, today will be a milestone.  That’s why the Senate is taking the dramatic step of voting from their desks, instead of voting while milling about.  It’s a rare event. They haven’t done that since health care was passed.  And Spanish-language networks like Telemundo will be covering the vote live–which they haven’t done since the DREAM Act vote in 2010.

Don’t miss out on this momentous vote.  Be sure to tune into the coverage starting 3 PM EST today here.