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Children & TPS Holder-Plaintiffs Fight to Stay Together at Hearing While Admin’s Racism on Full Display

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Immigrants and Their Families Bravely Stand up to Pres. Trump & His Anti-Immigrant Agenda

At a hearing today in Pasadena for the lawsuit Ramos v. Nielsen, the government tried to justify its racist and unconstitutional termination of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) that will strip over 400,000 immigrants of their legal status, lead to mass deportations and ultimately separate many of them from their U.S. citizen children and families here in the U.S.

In response to these extensive measures the Trump administration is taking to separate families, Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, said

Today, the Trump administration’s racism was on full display as the government actively argued to strip immigrants of their legal status in order to deport and separate them from their families. 

The plaintiffs in Ramos v. Nielsen represent the hundreds of thousands of TPS holders across the country and their families who are integral members of American communities. They extensively contribute to our economy and are  deeply rooted in our neighborhoods, cities, and states.

Many TPS holders have been here for decades, and are unable to return to their home country because of extreme violence and instability acknowledged by the Administration. We are proud to stand with the plaintiffs and their families who are courageously fighting against hate and bigotry. Their bravery represents the broader determination and fearlessness of countless immigrant communities across the nation who will not let the tyrant in the White House or his depraved minions terrorize them or their loved ones and strip them of their homes and livelihoods. 

We urge the court to keep the preliminary injunction in place, so that the Senate can take the necessary steps to fix this problem once and for all and pass the Dream and Promise Act, which has already been approved by the House. TPS holders and undocumented youth deserve more than a temporary fix- they deserve permanent protections that only the U.S. Congress can grant. Republican Senators need to stop playing politics with the lives of human beings and stand up to President Trump instead of cowering in fear. They must act now.