Hispanic lawmakers in the Texas Senate are bracing for a bitter fight over one of the session’s flashpoint immigration issues: the so-called sanctuary cities bill that one legislator called a “hate-mongering” and racist measure.

Following a series of meetings with immigration stakeholders, celebrities, and members of Congress, President Obama is continuing with his most focused push on immigration reform to date this week, flying to El Paso, Texas, to visit the border for the first time as President. Obama is expected to give a speech at 3:30 pm EST this afternoon to discuss enforcement and reform.

Facing a re-election campaign next year, the White House is embarking on a public relations effort to reassure Latino supporters who say they are frustrated by the president’s failure to deliver on his immigration promise.

President Barack Obama is making his first trip as president to the U.S.-Mexico border, using the setting to sharpen his call for a remake of the nation’s immigration laws and try to cast the GOP as the obstacle standing in its way.

President Barack Obama will use the Texas-Mexico border as a backdrop on Tuesday to call again on Congress to fix the nation’s broken immigration system and address the 11 million immigrants in this country illegally – including 1.6 million in Texas. Obama is traveling to El Paso, across the border from violence-wracked Ciudad Juarez.

House Democrats temporarily derailed a key GOP-backed plan Friday night that aimed to crack down on illegal immigration in Texas by requiring local police to enforce federal immigration laws.

As the federal government and state legislatures try to expand the role of police in immigration enforcement, state and local police are pushing back. In Texas, Illinois, California, and elsewhere, law enforcement leaders are speaking out against proposals to gut their community policing policies and require them to participate in the Secure Communities program.

A day before the Texas House is set to vote on a bill that would ban so-called “sanctuary cities,” law enforcement officials from across the state lined up Thursday to oppose the legislation.

Law enforcement leaders from border states are warning states like Indiana not to take on illegal immigration laws like Arizona. Members of the Law Enforcement Engagement Initiative say such laws will do more harm than good. Austin, Texas Police Chief Art Acevedo says now is not a time for law enforcement to take on additional responsibilities when resources are becoming scarce.

There’s more news for those naysayers who claim that undocumented immigrants don’t pay taxes, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Last week, the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) estimated that in 2010, the state and local taxes paid by households that are headed by undocumented immigrants came to approximately $11.2 billion in state and local taxes.