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Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins Slams Texas’ Anti-Immigrant SB 4 Law

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Yesterday, Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed SB 4 — the state’s “show me your papers” bill — into law, officially putting into the books legislation that will open up half of Texas’ population to racial profiling and discrimination.

Advocates, immigrants, faith leaders, and the police chiefs of all of Texas’ major cities have weighed in against SB 4 — and joining them last night was Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, who published more than a dozen tweets criticizing SB 4 and the manner in which the bill was signed. SB 4, the Judge tweeted, will “create fear”, “makes us less safe”, “undermine the Texas economy”, “undermines community trust”, will lead to “racial profiling”, and more. “Enforcement is more effective when victims and witnesses aren’t afraid to report crime. Show Me Your Papers is politics over public safety,” he wrote, while retweeting others who criticized Gov. Abbott’s decision to sign the bill over Facebook live instead of a more public ceremony.

View Judge Clay Jenkins’ tweets here or below: