Steve King has had a busy fall. He has been spearheading the effort to block  any immigration reform bill from moving in the U.S House (despite little back up from his ever-shrinking anti-immigrant allies.) Now King and his band of fellow extremists, including Louie Gohmert and Michele Bachmann, have also shut down the federal government… Continue »

As we have noted repeatedly, there are enough votes in the U.S. House of Representatives to pass immigration reform with a path to citizenship.  And yet the House has yet to take up immigration reform, thanks to Speaker John Boehner’s insistence on invoking the Hastert Rule, a.k.a the Hastert Excuse, in which Boehner will only bring… Continue »

If there’s one member of Congress who exemplifies the House GOP identity as the “Party of No,” it’s probably Rep. Steve King (R-IA).  This week, he’s in the news for being one of the most intractable House Republicans on the government shutdown, one of the few who still think they can force a setback on… Continue »

Right now, Washington is consumed with the shutdown of the federal government — and the intransigence of the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party. Even while DC is gridlocked, immigration keeps moving. Today, House Democrats are introducing their immigration reform bill. It’s legislation that includes bipartisan policies on the path to citizenship and border… Continue »

How About a Vote Instead of a Video? No words can describe just who exactly the House GOP thinks it’s fooling by releasing this new video celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (one has to look no further than the viewer comments to see that we are not alone). The video begins by featuring House GOP leaders including House… Continue »

Much of Washington, DC is consumed by the debate over attacking Syria—not just the actual issue, but what the debate means legislatively for other issues like immigration. But as we know, immigration isn’t like other issues. We addressed this yesterday in a press release titled, Seeing Through the House GOP’s Calendar & Process Excuses on Immigration… Continue »

In the last couple of days, Washington has been abuzz with speculation that Speaker John Boehner will retire in 2014. It’s an important question, because Boehner is currently the greatest single obstacle to immigration reform passing immediately.  Between the 200 House Democrats and 25 House Republicans who support citizenship, there are enough votes to pass… Continue »

With Goodlatte Uninterested in Getting it Done, Boehner and Other House Leaders Must Work With Champions From Both Parties to Forge a Breakthrough Since the 2012 elections, there has been a widely shared assessment that Republican leaders want to pass immigration reform for both political and policy reasons.  As Speaker of the House John Boehner… Continue »

Led by CREDO Action, MoveOn and Reform Immigration for America advocates delivered over 600,000 petitions to Speaker John Boehner today with a very clear message: We want a vote on a path to citizenship. The petitions were delivered to Boehner at his district office in West Chester, Ohio this morning. The decision to hold a… Continue »

Commentators from a number of outlets this week made it clear that the only enemy immigration reform has ever faced, and the only culprit that will ever exist in the death of immigration reform—if it dies—is the House GOP Leadership, starting with Speaker John Boehner. On Wednesday, Politico published a piece on how immigration reform… Continue »