The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing today that included mentions of the very anti-immigrant SAFE Act, the first time the bill has been mentioned since it passed out of committee in 2013.  Just in time, seventeen law enforcement leaders from 13 states sent Congress a letter notifying them of their... Continue »
Today, the House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on “Interior Immigration Enforcement Legislation,” where they will be bringing back an extremist piece of legislation from 2013: the SAFE Act. As if Republicans weren’t making it clear how anti-immigrant they are, with their three votes last week against DACA/DAPA.... Continue »
House Republicans will soon be releasing their statement of principles on immigration, and we hope they’ll be along the lines of a statement we put out months ago.  If the GOP is serious about reforming immigration, we wrote, any legislation needs to include an achievable path to citizenship, attract... Continue »
Dayton, Ohio Police Chief: “In spite of its misleading name, it would actually make our communities less safe” In an op-ed in the newspaper Roll Call titled, “Here’s How Not to Jump-Start Immigration Reform in House,” Dayton, Ohio Police Chief Richard S. Biehl describes why his fellow Ohioan, Speaker... Continue »
We know that House Republicans are in denial about the human cost of immigration enforcement and massive deportations. That’s why they’d rather kick immigrant families out of their offices than face up to the true consequences of enforcement-only policies. This week, two new developments make it clear that the... Continue »
New Washington Post Story and Video Detail Dangers Behind the “Un-SAFE” Act & Consequences for Immigrant Victims of Crime A new Washington Post story documenting the deterioration of police-community relationships due to policies like Secure Communities and state anti-immigration laws underscores the dangers of a related federal proposal called... Continue »
Today, during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on “The President’s Constitutional Duty to Faithfully Execute the Laws,” we expected to hear a lot of complaints about how the President is “ignoring” his constitutional duty to faithfully execute immigration laws.  Unfortunately, the Obama Administration has been entirely too “faithful” in... Continue »
Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) is the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee. He introduced the SAFE Act, H.R. 2278, which would criminalize all undocumented immigrants and legalize racial profiling. It’s one of the worst anti-immigrant bills we’ve ever come across, and it’s important that the House GOP either never... Continue »
Big news in immigration reform happened today when House Democrats released a new immigration reform bill–containing citizenship–and asked Republicans to sign on as co-sponsors.  The bill serves as a rebuke to commentators who feared that the breakup of the House Gang of 7 meant that immigration reform was dead.  And... Continue »
Today at the Hill, United We DREAM Managing Director Cristina Jimenez wrote this piece on the SAFE Act–or as it’s also called, the unSAFE Act, and how it criminalizes immigrants rather than addressing the 11 million.  Read the op-ed below or at this link: Supporters of humane immigration reform overwhelmingly... Continue »