Lou Dobbs is making a new promise: He will be back talking his red-meat issues in public very soon. In a letter just received, he says: “I will be in the public arena and engaged.” His areas of interest: “Illegal immigration, international trade, job creation, and economic growth.”

How’s this for irony: the extremist group behind the drive to recruit Lou Dobbs into a presidential run has yanked support for their one-time champion.

While bloggers debated whether Dobbs was too mean to be President, it came out that he was no longer mean enough for the extreme base he’s cultivated all these years.

Yesterday the New York Times reported that Dobbs was in conversation with CNBC, and many of us asked the question, “Is CNBC ready for Dobbs?” Looks like the answer is a resounding, “no gracias.” Network executives didn’t give us much time to put pressure on them, announcing by the end of the day yesterday that talks were over: “Lou Dobbs won’t be talking to CNBC again anytime soon.”

Media Matters asks the question today, “Is CNBC prepared to invest in Dobbs and his record of conspiracy theories and inflammatory rhetoric?” They cite recent reports that CNBC is in conversation with the ousted anchor: “A December 1 New York Times blog post reported that Lou Dobbs “has held talks with the business news network CNBC in recent weeks” and that he “could conceivably host a prime time program for CNBC” or “become a commentator for the business news network.”

It’s time to share the good news: Lou Dobbs is one less turkey on TV this Thanksgiving. That’s one big step toward bringing our country together to debate real solutions on immigration. We’ve created a fun Thanksgiving e-card you can share with your family and friends, so take a look, have a laugh, and pass it on. We all know that the bigger the movement grows, the stronger each of our voices are.

Newsflash: Forget all that controversy surrounding CNN’s Latinos in America series earlier this fall (CNN came under heavy fire for keeping incendiary host Lou Dobbs as a mainstream news anchor while trying to reach out to Latino audiences). Apparently, Lou Dobbs should now be known as Latinos’ “great friend,” according to… well, Lou Dobbs. To give Lou some credit, he did find a way to incorporate Latinos, especially Latino immigrants, into just about every “Lou Dobbs Tonight” broadcast, even when the topic was completely unrelated. Heck, Dobbs even gave Latino immigrants credit for a new wave of leprosy in the United States.

So Lou Dobbs was paid $8 million to leave CNN after the network came under increasing fire for giving Lou Dobbs a primetime slot to incessantly trash immigrants and Latinos. Kudos for CNN for finally doing the right thing. We’ve rounded up some of the funniest reactions to a man who doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

Via Huffington Post (This last line is priceless– watch it): “”Saturday Night Live” went after Lou Dobbs this week, claiming he retired from CNN because he thinks the “C” stands for the Spanish word “si.” Dobbs, played by Darrell Hammond, went on to refer to his replacement, John King, as “Juan” King–a man he says may have paid for his dapper appearance with drug money.”

As I watched the sad eyes of Lou Dobbs last night while he bade an abrupt farewell to his long career at CNN, I shed the tears that he apparently couldn’t.

Last night, Lou Dobbs aired his final broadcast on CNN. So tonight, when viewers tune in to CNN primetime, the hate TV will be gone. According to the New York Times, CNN President Jonathan Klein said: “Lou Dobbs will carry the banner of advocacy journalism elsewhere.” Help us spread the word and grow our movement for change!