Lou Dobbs has left CNN, or maybe the other way around. Whichever it is, an old, odd, infuriating-to-many mismatch of sober network and strident host is over. CNN, for now anyway, changes back to something closer to the nonpartisan, straight-up news network it wants you to think of it as, different from its ideologically branded rivals Fox News and MSNBC.

Via the New York Times Media Decoder Blog today, news of Dobbs’ replacement: “John King will replace Lou Dobbs as the new 7 p.m. anchor on CNN, the network told its employees Thursday morning.Mr. King is currently the anchor of “State of the Union,” CNN’s Sunday political news show.”

We told you Dobbs was resigning… here’s the proof. Via Media Matters, video of Dobbs’ resignation. It will be interesting to see what Dobbs’ next “contribution” to public life might be. Eric Burns, head of Media Matters, states, “This is a happy day for all those who care about this nation of immigrants and believe in the power of media to elevate the political discourse.”

This just in, from the New York Times Media Decoder Blog today, very big news for those of us who’ve been calling on CNN to drop its anti-immigrant anchor, Lou Dobbs. In Update: Lou Dobbs to Quit CNN, Brian Stelter and Bill Carter report: “Lou Dobbs, the longtime CNN anchor whose anti-immigration views have made him a TV lightning rod, plans to announce Wednesday that he is leaving the network, two network employees said.”

On this week’s Reliable Sources, Howard Kurtz struck back at CNN cohort Lou Dobbs. Dobbs had claimed earlier in the week that he and his wife had been shot at in their New Jersey home, in part due to the “national liberal media” and its coverage in the immigration debate. Kurtz and guest Margaret Carlson of Bloomberg were skeptical.

Together, we raised the $16,000 needed to run our TV ad on CNN – telling the station to drop Lou Dobbs’s one-sided, anti-immigrant “news” show.

Unfortunately, CNN isn’t having it. They called to say they won’t take our money and have refused to air our “Drop the Hate” TV ad.

Anti-immigration groups and pundits cling to phrases like “Illegal Alien” because they only focus on foreignness and danger. These extreme factions are all about casting immigrants as what ails our society, conjuring up demons upon which to focus national ire, and perpetuating a subhuman category of being. It’s a convenient distraction from things that are actually endangering our nation. A new web-only series from ColorLines called “Torn Apart by Deportation” is the perfect antidote to people like CNN’s Lou Dobbs.

When America’s Voice raised enough cash to buy a spot for their Drop Dobbs ad in a Latino in America time slot, CNN felt that their loyalty to hateful Dobbs was worth more so they passed.

CNN’s broadcast of a four-hour documentary about Latinos this week turned into a political rallying cry for activist groups that are calling on the cable news channel to fire Lou Dobbs, a veteran anchor with anti-immigration views.

In the past few weeks, we’ve been calling for CNN to drop their controversial, anti-immigrant “news show,” Lou Dobbs Tonight, along with organizations across the country.

In anticipation of CNN’s highly-publicized “Latino in America” series, many of these groups were also eager to see what steps, if any, CNN would take to address their own involvement in the difficulty of being Latino in America. On the eve of the “Latino in America” premier, CNN was protested by the very same demographic it was supposed to entice.