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Dobbs Headed to CNBC? No, Gracias, Says the Network

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Yesterday the New York Times reported that Dobbs was in conversation with CNBC, and many of us asked the question, “Is CNBC ready for Dobbs?” Looks like the answer is a resounding, “No, gracias!”

Network executives didn’t give us much time to put pressure on them, announcing by the end of the day yesterday that talks were over:

Lou Dobbs won’t be talking to CNBC again anytime soon.

The business news network said Tuesday evening that it was no longer talking to Mr. Dobbs, the former CNN anchor, about a potential job.

The statement came after The New York Times reported on Tuesday morning that Mr. Dobbs had “held talks with the business news network CNBC in recent weeks.” A network spokesman did not deny the report about the talks, but said: “We are not in talks or negotiating with Lou Dobbs. He is not going to work for CNBC.”

Mr. Dobbs abruptly exited CNN in mid-November.

While Mr. Dobbs contemplates a run for public office, he is also said to be keen on having a new television platform. (He also is host of a syndicated radio show on weekday afternoons.) He could conceivably join a cable outfit like the Fox Business Network or become an commentator for another news division.

On the running for office front, New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez’ spokesperson has essentially shrugged off the news that Dobbs may seek a NJ Senate seat in 2012, arguing:

“Senator Menendez has his nose to the grindstone to help create an economic recovery for New Jersey families and will not be distracted by an election three years away,” said the spokesman, Afshin Mohamadi. “I’m sure that he would relish eventually having an opponent from so far out of the mainstream and who has never done a thing for the hard-working people of New Jersey, but the senator’s focus is on jobs, not Dobbs. The senator has developed a record of delivering job-creating programs and tax relief, and as he builds upon it, 2012 will in large part take care of itself.”