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Help Us Celebrate One Less Turkey on TV: Lou Dobbs

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Thanksgiving is around the corner, and now is the time to reflect on all we have to be thankful for.

Here’s one for the books: Lou Dobbs is off CNN! And you made it happen.

It’s time to share the good news: Lou Dobbs is one less turkey on TV this Thanksgiving. That’s one big step toward bringing our country together to debate real solutions on immigration. We’ve created a fun Thanksgiving e-card you can share with your family and friends, so take a look, have a laugh, and pass it on.

We all know that the bigger the movement grows, the stronger each of our voices are.

This victory didn’t happen by accident. One person, then another, and eventually hundreds of thousands of others, joined together– and didn’t stop until the loudest immigration propagandist in America lost his primetime platform.

So check out our e-card, and then forward it to 10 people—together we can create immigration policy that lives up to our best values as Americans.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at America’s Voice!