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Lou Dobbs? Not Tonight!

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Last night, Lou Dobbs aired his final broadcast on CNN.

Tonight, when viewers tune in to CNN primetime, the hate TV will be gone. According to the New York Times, CNN President Jonathan Klein said:

Lou Dobbs will carry the banner of advocacy journalism elsewhere. 

In other words: Dobbs’ hate speech will no longer carry the CNN stamp of approval.

Thank you for speaking out and being a part of this victory.  You helped us raise money to put an ad on TV called “CNN: Drop the Hate, Drop Dobbs,” which argued that 260 hours a year of extreme, anti-immigrant programming was simply unacceptable. Your hard work surely helped CNN cancel “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

Lou Dobbs gave the Minutemen vigilante group a national platform, spread lies that immigrants bring leprosy to the U.S., and implied that President Barack Obama is an undocumented immigrant from Kenya. He was one of the main forces of fear, lies, and hatred in the immigration debate.

Thanks to your voices, Dobbs will no longer be on CNN — please spread the word.

Unfortunately, there are still plenty of Lou Dobbs copy cats crowding out the conversation on immigration in Washington. We’re going to need every voice we can get to fight their extremism and stand up for a better America in the months ahead, with immigration reform on the horizon.

Help us spread the word and grow our movement for change!

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