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Is CNBC Ready For Dobbs?

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Media Matters asks the question today, “Is CNBC prepared to invest in Dobbs and his record of conspiracy theories and inflammatory rhetoric?” They cite recent reports that CNBC is in conversation with the ousted anchor:

A December 1 New York Times blog post reported that Lou Dobbs “has held talks with the business news network CNBC in recent weeks” and that he “could conceivably host a prime time program for CNBC” or “become a commentator for the business news network.” 

They continue with a recap of Dobbs’ greatest hits, under the heading, “Is this the kind of brand CNBC wants to be associated with?” Here are the main points they hit on (get the full scoop here):

Dobbs repeatedly advanced false conspiracy theories about Obama’s birth certificate. 

Dobbs used CNN to elevate wild conspiracy theories and legitimize hate groups.

Dobbs had close ties to “hate group” FAIR. 

Dobbs smeared U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as sympathetic to “Mexico’s export of drugs and illegal aliens.”

Dobbs declared, “Mexico has become our enemy.”