Maryland state senators on Monday signed off on legislation that would make undocumented immigrants eligible for in-state tuition benefits at the state’s public colleges.

Surrounded by supporters urging the federal government to tackle illegal immigration, Gov. Gary Herbert signed into law Tuesday a series of bills passed by the Utah Legislature that have been described as a “Utah solution” to the issue.

The LDS Church stepped from the sidelines on immigration reform and squarely onto the playing field Tuesday by sending Presiding Bishop H. David Burton to attend and speak at Gov. Gary Herbert’s signing ceremony for four bills passed by the Utah Legislature.

Several immigration-related measures won preliminary approval in the Senate Monday afternoon, including a bill that would require proof of legal status to receive any public benefits – including public housing – from the state or local governments.

Score one for business in the latest round of debate over proposed immigration reform in the Florida Senate. A committee Monday relaxed a requirement that the state and all private employers check the immigration status of any prospective employee by using the federal government’s e-Verify system.

An effort to require many private businesses to verify the immigration status of their workers won a crucial vote in the Georgia Senate on Monday, setting up a a showdown with the House over citizenship checks.

Kansas lawmakers dealt a setback Monday to a plan that would clamp down on illegal immigration in a way that’s similar to a controversial Arizona law.

Under newly fortified Republican control, many state governments started the year pledging forceful action to crack down on illegal immigration, saying they would fill a void left by the stalemate in Washington over the issue.

The Oklahoma House overwhelmingly passed a bill patterned after the controversial Arizona law that allows local law enforcement officers to inquire about people’s immigration status adding Oklahoma to the list of state’s who have considered or passed Arizona-style illegal immigration laws.

Yesterday, we reported that Arizona State Senator Russell Pearse had introduced yet another anti-immigrant bill to the Arizona Senate. If you thought SB 1070 was bad, check out SB 1611.