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Nevada Latinos May Have Walled Off Donald Trump From The Presidency Last Night

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On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump launched his Presidential campaign by calling Mexicans drug dealers, criminals and “rapists.”

Some may have forgotten his remarks during the 16 months of insults that were to come, but Latino never did. Just take a look at what happened during the final night of early voting in Nevada last night.

According to the state’s political guru, Jon Ralston, Trump may have lost Nevada last night — and any feasible path to the Presidency — thanks to that wall of Latino voters that turned out in the state’s most populous, Democratic counties:

How devastating was it, epitomized by thousands of mostly Latino voters keeping Cardenas market open open in Vegas until 10 PM? This cataclysmic:

—-The Democrats won Clark County by more than 11,000 votes Friday (final mail count not posted yet), a record margin on a record-setting turnout day of 57,000 voters. The Dems now have a firewall — approaching 73,000 ballots — greater than 2012 when Barack Obama won the state by nearly 7 points.

As an exclamation point to a historic night in Nevada, in which Clinton essentially locked up the state and Hispanics, insulted all cycle by Trump, streamed into the market, here is what the final Cardenas numbers showed (tallied by an on-the-ground activist):

1,904 voted
1,258: Ds, 66%
165: Rs, 9%
481: NPs, 25%

So Cardenas was responsible for adding 1,000 to the Democratic lead.

Trump has almost no path to the presidency without Nevada. He can say whatever he wants in Reno on Saturday and boost rural turnout a lot, but he made his own bed when he announced his candidacy.

Expert polling firm Latino Decisions and political observers provided some continued analysis of the night’s historic Latino turnout :