History Has Its Eyes on You Yesterday, prominent Florida Republican strategist and longtime Jeb Bush advisor Sally Bradshaw joined a growing chorus of GOP leaders in rescinding her support of Donald Trump. Today, Rep. Richard Hanna (R-NY) became the first Republican elected official to publicly support Secretary Clinton. While it may have been a tough choice to… Continue »

Following a weekend of silence, Sen. Marco Rubio has finally commented on Donald Trump’s ongoing attacks on the parents of a fallen US soldier killed in Iraq. “I think it’s unfortunate,” the gutless wonder said in a statement. “[Captain] Khan is a hero, for every measure. I think his parents are heroes and they have… Continue »

Since day one of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has made nativism the centerpiece of his campaign. In recent weeks, however, Hispanic allies have begun to make a pathetic attempt to explain away Trump’s own chilling immigration-related insults and policies. This spin is similar to what other Republicans, such as Rep. Darrell Issa and Senator Jeff Sessions, have attempted. Puleeze. An Associated… Continue »

In sharp contrast to RNC, DNC embraced immigrants as part of America  At a time when the nativist backlash on the right is pulling the Republican Party in the wrong direction on immigration, it was notable and welcome that the Democratic Party put the stories of immigrants front and center throughout their convention and rightfully… Continue »

Donald Trump made an appearance at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week — sorta. American Bridge has set up a “Trump Museum” inside the downtown Ritz Carlton — a super classy place, as the man himself would probably say — showcasing a gallery of Donald Trump memorabilia that Donald Trump would probably prefer us to forget… Continue »

Senator Burr and Deborah Ross polar opposites on immigration As the Democratic National Convention (DNC) kicks off today in Philadelphia, the contrast between the two parties’ larger visions of America could not be more clear or consequential. The issue of immigration, and the way immigrants are portrayed and featured at the two parties’ conventions underscores… Continue »

The contrast between the two parties is on full display last week and this week. Republicans view America as a fearful nation in decline who are threatened by “the other.” Meanwhile, the Democrats, as evidenced by the roll out of Tim Kaine in Miami on Saturday and the lineup of speakers for the convention, view America as… Continue »

Frank Sharry: “As Donald Trump becomes the head of the Republican Party, the Republican Party becomes defined by his racism and nativism” Tonight, when Donald Trump speaks to the Republican convention as the official Republican nominee, it will represent the coronation of a man who is advancing a dangerous vision of an America cleaved along… Continue »

The American electorate is growing more diverse every day, with Latinos, African Americans, Asian Americans, and young people making up a larger share of the population. Today, national and local leaders convened a panel discussion, hosted by Ohio’s Voice and Latino Victory Fund, to discuss the latest demographic data and the Republican Party’s challenges and… Continue »

GOP Declines From Party of Lincoln to Party of Trump – Roots and Effects to Outlast Trump’s Candidacy Yesterday, on the same day that Donald Trump officially won the Republican Party’s nomination for President, GOP leaders from both congressional chambers offered their support to the nominee with primetime speeches at the RNC. The now-official status of Trump’s… Continue »