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Markos: Obama Will Do Something Big on Immigration, and GOP Will Scream Impeachment

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Check out this blog today from Markos at Daily Kos on why Obama should use his executive powers to protect families from deportation.  For Obama and the Democrats, such a move is “win-win-win,” because it’s good policy and good politics.  For Republicans, however, a move from Obama could really doom them to their electoral fate, since it would likely lead them to push for impeachment, a government shutdown, and more rhetoric against immigrants and DREAMers.  They can’t help themselves.  Read Markos’ piece below:

All indications are that the White House is preparing something big on immigration, some kind of relief for the millions being deported under current policy. The immigration reform community is certainly talking positive, and given the refusal of Republicans to move on the issue, administrative relief is the only option left.

Republicans like Sen. Marco Rubio, who used to be okay on immigration until he was reminded that he’s a Republican, have already started warning the administration not to do anything, or else … or else what? Well, we know what. Or else Republicans won’t have any choice but to impeach, right?

And therein lies the GOP’s dilemma. For Obama and the Democrats, moving on immigration reform is both good policy and good politics—mobilizing a key constituency on an issue with broad popular support. For Republicans, however, it is an anathema, maybe worse even than Obamacare because as far as they are concerned, immigration reform is akin to making more Democrats. Even worse, they’re brown Democrats.

Now we’ve had Republicans spend the last few months browbeating their caucus into shutting the hell up about impeachment, understanding the electoral damage they suffer from such talk. But Obama slows down the deportation rate? Forget it, there isn’t a Republican strategist in the world who will be able to shut that impeachment thing down.

And that’s where Democrats win a second AND third time.

They win because voters don’t like Republicans talking about impeachment. Or throwingtemper tantrums threatening a government shutdown. It makes Republicans look crazy, further solidifying the stereotype of the fringe conservative. It’s the reason Republicans have worked so hard to dampen such talk.

But Democrats also win because the Right-wing reaction, and the hysterical impeachment shrieking, will further motivate our base into action. Remember, conservatives are already revved up. Their demographics reliably vote, ours don’t. But nothing creates a rally-round-the-flag effect than a loud and aggressive enemy.

So in addition to being good policy and good politics, Obama’s expected executive order may end up being the Democrats’ best GOTV tool of the cycle. That would be quite the win-win-win.