Coming to survey Alabama this weekend are three well-known and well-respected hip hop artists: Rhymefest, Jasiri-X, and Paradise, known as “Arkitech” of the X-clan (someone who was described to me as one of the “forefathers of hip-hop.”

Between Herman Cain calling for an “electrified fence” to keep out “illegals,” and Michele Bachmann saying she’ll do nothing to help the children of undocumented immigrants — all while Alabama (and now South Carolina) are trying to scare immigrants back to Mexico – famous Hollywood director, Chris Weitz, decided he wanted in on some of the action.

The Alabama immigration law took a beating last night from no less an authority than Stephen Colbert, the fake news show host who famously spent a day laboring on a farm in upstate New York last year, then testified before Congress about his experience.

In “honor” of this nonsense, and in honor of it being Friday, we at America’s Voice have pulled together a few fun clips that remind us of the echo chamber around these GOP legislators. We all know the economy is a problem, but these representatives would rather cast blame and point fingers rather than get down and propose real solutions to that which needs solving.

Last night on the Colbert Report, my personal hero, Jose Antonio Vargas, the Pulitzer Prize winner who recently came out — as Colbert put it — a “border gay,” told America that he’s an undocumented immigrant, not an illegal one.

As a gubernatorial candidate last summer, Georgia Republican Nathan Deal boasted of having backed (as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives) measures to bar undocumented immigrants from federal health care, and public colleges.

Senator John McCain was widely mocked this week after baselessly accusing undocumented immigrants of starting wildfires in Arizona. Last night, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart jumped in, bringing in “John McCain,” a cranky, geriatric puppet doppelganger out to clarify the Senator’s comments.

Last night, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart realized that “the demographic numbers have become completely unavoidable,” and introduced Mexican-American comedian Al Madrigal as their new “Señior” Latino Correspondent.

“Justice will come. I’m sure.”

That’s what pop-singer and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Shakira, told the AP when asked about newly proposed anti-immigration legislation.

The battered-looking pickup truck careens over a Southwestern United States landscape, with cartoon men, women, and children bouncing out of the back. As the passengers land on the ground, the truck moves on, belching thick exhaust.