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“They Tuk Our Jerbs!” and Other Videos That Remind us of Lamar Smith and E-Verify

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The House Judiciary Committee began marking up Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX)’s E-Verify bill this week, leading us to run a whole series of blog posts explaining how harmful, unproductive, and ineffective the bill is.  E-Verify is an incredibly flawed government database system that is supposed to keep track of who is and isn’t allowed to work in the U.S., but its glitches mean that it regularly flags lawful, legal workers.  Forcing all businesses across the nation to use E-Verify would lead to 770,000 legal workers–including native-born Americans–to lose their jobs, and more than 1 million workers would have to fix their records.

In “honor” of this nonsense, and in honor of it being Friday, we at America’s Voice have pulled together a few fun clips that remind us of the echo chamber around these GOP legislators:

Little Britain UK, “Computer says no.” (aka, ‘what E-Verify will probably look like.’  Want a job?  Compu’er saiys nooooo.)

South Park, “They Tuk Our Jerbs!…Durka Durrrr!” (Yup, the economy’s a problem; let’s point fingers and cast blame instead of really getting down to do something about it.)


Family Guy, “Okay, come on over.”

The Daily Show, ‘Rick Perry said something sensible on immigration! Boooooo!’ (They also cheered for the death of people who didn’t have health care.  The Tea Partiers are really out there.)

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