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Jorge Ramos Tells Bill O'Reilly: 'We Can't Deport Endangered Children'

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Watch Jorge Ramos’ interview on Bill O’Reilly’s show yesterday, courtesy of Media Matters:

O’Reilly, unlike just about everyone else, seems to think that Rick Perry’s political stunt with the National Guard will actually work, because it will “seal the border.”  No word from him on how exactly this makes sense when the children currently crossing are not trying to evade authority, but rather turning themselves in in order to begin the adjudication process.

Ramos spent most of the interview pleading with O’Reilly to have a heart for the children, saying that “no government should be in the business of deporting endangered children.  That’s not the American way, that’s not the Christian way…the kids who are already here, we’ve got to protect them.”