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Kevin Drum: GOP Extremism Leaves Obama "Very Little Reason to Moderate" on Executive Action

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In our press statement today, we wrote about Republicans overreaching when it comes to children fleeing violence and how strategies like Ted Cruz’s demand to to end DACA will only hurt them in the end.  How?  Two more articles today from the Economist and Mother Jones demonstrate.

From the Economist:

The politics of immigration have rolled backwards. Sounding a frankly 19th-century note, some Republicans are fretting about the diseases that migrants may bring. Oklahoma’s governor, Mary Fallin, complains of chickenpox, scabies and lice among children brought to her state. Mr Perry says he does not believe the president “particularly cares” whether America’s borders are secure. That may help the Right in 2014’s mid-term elections. But then what? Mr Obama will never be on the ballot again, while the Hispanic vote will only grow. And for many of these new voters, Republican complaints about illegal immigration sound awfully like hostility to Latinos. In the long term, for Republicans, the immigration politics of the past are a trap.

And Kevin Drum at Mother Jones argues that the GOP’s extremism may make Obama more willing to take executive action:

If Obama decides that Republicans, once again, are simply unwilling to deal in any way, then he’s left with very little reason to moderate his actions. Compromise only makes enemies among Hispanic voters, after all, and it’s worth it only if Republicans will give him something in return. If they won’t, he might as well take the boldest action he can to help his party, and then dare Republicans to do something about it. That may well be how this plays out.