Today, members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus held an ad hoc hearing on Capitol Hill entitled “Kids First: Examining the Southern Border Humanitarian Crisis.”  The members of Congress listened to testimony from children who had fled violence and experts who had worked with them, and one Congresswoman expressed her astonishment... Continue »
House GOP Made Child Refugee Debate an Immigration Debate – So Senate Should Insist on CIR as Part of Any Conference on House Plan With House Republicans today introducing a new deportation-focused proposal for dealing with Central American refugee kids and continuing to mistakenly blame DACA for the rise... Continue »
Congressional Progressive Caucus Ad-Hoc Hearing Kids First: Examining the Southern Border Humanitarian Crisis Watch the livestream: On Tuesday, July 29that 2:00 PM, the Congressional Progressive Caucus will hold an Ad Hoc Hearing in 2322 RHOB to receive first-hand testimony from unaccompanied minors and expert witnesses stressing the importance of... Continue »
New PRRI Poll: Americans View Central American Kids Fleeing Violence as Refugees Deserving Full & Fair Proceedings; Sonia Nazario Provides Reminder on “The Daily Show” Why We Must “Do the Right Thing” Take five minutes to read this poll and watch this TV clip, and you’ll get a sense... Continue »
Must-watch today is Pulitzer Prize winning author Sonia Nazario‘s interview with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart about the Central American children’s crisis and the US response to it.  We last wrote about Nazario on Sunday, when she appeared on MSNBC.  Nazario has been an effective and clear spokesperson for who... Continue »
Columnist George Will has long been an advocate for immigration reform, but today on Fox News Sunday, he specifically addressed the Central American children and said that the US should welcome them in with open arms.  As he told host Chris Wallace: We ought to say to these children,... Continue »
WATCH: This segment with MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, who interviews author Sonia Nazario, associate professor Yolanda Pierce, and United We Dream’s Cristina Jimenez about children fleeing violence.  As Sonia and Cristina make clear, we’re facing a refugee crisis, and how we respond to it will define who we are as Americans.... Continue »
Reps. Lloyd Doggett (TX), Juan Vargas (CA), and Zoe Lofgren (CA), all Democrats, took to the House floor this morning for a series of speeches about the children’s crisis at the border and how legal protections for them should not be rolled back.  Republicans have now spent weeks arguing... Continue »
The conservative response to the children fleeing violence crisis has been mostly been marked by the Murrieta, CA protest, in which Tea Partiers shouted at frightened children and yelled at them to “go home” — and by Republican members of Congress clamoring to deport the children (and DREAMers along... Continue »
Watch Jorge Ramos’ interview on Bill O’Reilly’s show yesterday, courtesy of Media Matters: O’Reilly, unlike just about everyone else, seems to think that Rick Perry’s political stunt with the National Guard will actually work, because it will “seal the border.”  No word from him on how exactly this makes sense... Continue »