Registered Republican Rochelle will vote for the very first time this upcoming November — just not for Donald Trump. “Immigrants are what makes America great,” Rochelle said in a new blog post from 1199 SEIU earlier this month. Rochelle became a US citizen in 2013 after living in the... Continue »
When most people think of who will be affected by the United States v. Texas decision on DAPA and DACA+, they think of the Latino community.  However, one in ten DAPA and DACA+ eligible immigrants is Asian American, a community that is often viewed as not being invested in... Continue »
A host of Latino, Asian, immigrant, and labor rights groups have launched naturalization drives aimed at permanent residents eligible for citizenship — and the images from these workshops and outreach efforts have been absolutely inspiring. Some of the inspiration for getting Latino and immigrant voters out to naturalize and vote has... Continue »
Since last month, we at America’s Voice have for good reason spent much time lifting up the Latino vote and its pivotal role in the 2012 election.  But another key voting bloc—Asian Americans—has also been making headlines, and the Republican failure to court it means even more trouble for... Continue »