The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, in his Roll Call op-ed ("President Is Ignoring Immigration Laws," Feb. 6), argues that a policy of deporting serious criminals instead of parents, military families and students attending college is bad for the country. Once again the Republicans are on the wrong... Continue »
Last week a three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals looked at five immigration cases, turned to the Department of Homeland Security, and effectively said, "Really!? Are you really going to deport these people? Continue »
American University in conjunction with Latino Decisions held an freewheeling event today on "Latinos and the 2012 Elections" – a primer on the impact of the Latino vote this November. (We live-tweeted the event here.) Continue »
The Republican Party's embrace of anti-immigrant extremism was on full display this past weekend in the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Among the loudest voices was none other than that of Kris Kobach, who is an endorser and advisor to Romney on immigration issues Continue »
Dreamers across the country have been protesting Mitt Romney's anti-immigrant stance against the DREAM Act and other immigrant measures. Continue »
Today at 10:30 AM, Gary Segura & Matt Barreto of Latino Decisions are taking about how the Latino vote will affect both Republicans and Democrats in the elections this year. My colleague, Van Le, is live-tweeting from the event via @americasvoice -- check out her tweets for more! Continue »
Yesteday, activists and children from CASA de Maryland, the Latin American Montessori Bilingual Public Charter School, and Mary's Center traveled to Capitol Hill to visit a number of senators who will cast deciding votes on the proposal. The event was coordinated by NCLR and First Focus Campaign for... Continue »
As the Republican presidential race continues its unexpected twists and turns, Arizona has suddenly emerged as a critical state in the fight for the GOP nomination. The Grand Canyon State, along with Michigan, will host presidential primary elections on Feb. 28, and represent an opportunity for the Republican contenders... Continue »
A note to the Republican presidential candidates heading to Washington for the Conservative Political Action Conference: Some of the events could make you uncomfortable if you're planning to tack to the center in your general election campaign. Continue »
The front door is locked on this brown-and-cream mobile home, an aluminum outpost at the end of a pine-tree trailer park beyond Birmingham, Ala. But the back door flaps open in a winter wind. Inside are a bag of red beans, some pet food, and a pair of high... Continue »