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In Arizona, DREAMers To Protest Mitt Romney’s Anti-Immigrant (and Anti-Latino) Intentions

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Mitt romney and DreamersDREAMers across the country have been protesting Mitt Romney’s anti-immigrant stance against the DREAM Act and other immigrant measures. Recently, Mitt Romney has said he believes in self-deportation, which is a nicer way of saying that he wants to make it impossible for immigrant to live here so that they will eventually deport themselves. He also touted an endorsement from the anti-immigrant and former Governor of California, Pete Wilson, who is still (over 20 years later) well known to Latinos as “el Diablo” — the Devil. And today, writer of Arizona and Alabama’s “papers, please” legislation, Kris Kobach (also Kansas’ Secretary of State), revealed that he’s more involved than ever in Romney’s campaign for the presidency.

DREAMers from around the country are planning another protest today outside of Romney’s rally in Mesa “to remind Mitt Romney that Latinos will not be misled simply because he made an appearance to an Univision set or putting his name behind the ARMS Act, a second-rate bill that won’t truly serve Latino communities.” 

Here’s are the details:

Who: DREAM Act Youth

What: DREAMers “Veto Romney” and ask Latinos in Arizona to not fall for his false rhetoric at his campaign rally in Mesa, Arizona. 

When: Monday, Feb. 13 – 5:00 pm (MST)

Where: Mesa Amphitheatre 263 N Center Street Mesa, AZ 85201

We’ll have more on what happens tomorrow. Stay tuned!