In the battle for the Latino vote in Florida, and specifically the Puerto Rican vote in this state, the presidential candidates are even talking about rice! In response to a radio spot in Spanish from the Donald Trump campaign, in which a young woman defends the Goya brands with a rather exaggerated “boricua” accent and… Continue »

En la lucha por el voto latino de Florida, y en específico el voto puertorriqueño de ese estado, hasta de “arroz” están hablando las campañas presidenciales. En respuesta a un spot radial en español de la campaña de Donald Trump, donde una joven defiende a las empresas Goya con un acento y una jerga boricuas bastante exagerados —haciendo… Continue »

America’s Voice   El reto de registrar y movilizar votantes latinos en medio del Covid-19 y los ataques de Trump Chad Wolf’s “State of the Homeland Address” Leaves Out What DHS Identifies As the ‘Gravest Terror Threat’ to the Nation At DHS Speech, Will Chad Wolf Admit that White Supremacists Are ‘Gravest Terror Threat’ to… Continue »

America’s Voice   A Weak and Scared Trump is Dangerous for America English New York Times Trump Fans Strife as Unrest Roils the U.S. By Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman August 31, 2020 New York Times A Long History of Language That Incites and Demonizes By Peter Baker August 31, 2020 Washington Post President Trump… Continue »

America’s Voice   Despite Being Faced with Deportation, Undocumented Worker Who Exposed Trump’s Exploitation as an Employer Continues to Stand Up to Trump English Associated Press US Appeals Court: New Policy on Immigrants Already Does Harm August 04, 2020 New York Times Appeals Court Blocks Immigrant Wealth Test in the Northeast By Zolan Kanno-Youngs August… Continue »

July 25, 2020 marks one year since a bill that would designate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Venezuela has been stalled in the Senate while the president continues to pledge support for the Venezuelan people. The Department of Homeland Security also has authority to designate TPS but has failed to act. TPS for Venezuela would… Continue »

America’s Voice   Statement in Reaction to Trump Memo on Immigrants and the Census Rising Chorus of Condemnation for Trump’s “Performative Authoritarianism in Portland and Beyond English Associated Press He’s Back: Trump to Re-Up Virus Briefings Amid Lagging Polls July 21, 2020 Washington Post Trump to bring back coronavirus briefings in attempt to revive reelection… Continue »

America’s Voice   “John Lewis personificó un compromiso con la ciudadanía a la que todos aspiramos, seamos ciudadanos o no” “John Lewis personified a commitment to citizenship to which we all aspire, whether we are citizens or not” Frank Sharry on the Dangers of an Unshackled DHS in Portland English Newsy Trump Admin. Rejects New… Continue »

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