Florida Immigrants Protest at the State Capitol in Tallahassee
Miami-Dade’s anti-immigrant policy — and its Republican Mayor — are not having a good Friday morning. A new chapter in the fight to keep Donald Trump’s Deportation Force out of Florida’s Miami-Dade County, a place where over half its residents have been born abroad, began this morning when a circuit... Continue »
In Florida, eight activists have launched an “interfaith fast” to demand Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Giménez reverse his decision to back down from the county’s sanctuary policy, a move he made in response to Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant executive order. Giménez has been skewered for his decision. Last month, dozens of angry... Continue »
Things have gone from bad to worse for Republican Mayor of Miami-Dade, Carlos Gimenez, who decided to support Donald Trump’s Deportation Force over the immigrant families across the County he was elected to represent. Not only has the County Commission of Miami-Dade called a meeting to discuss the immigration... Continue »
Republican Mayor of Miami Dade Prioritized Donald Trump Relationship over Lives of Undocumented Immigrants
Connection Between Trump and Son of Miami-Dade Mayor May Explain Mayor’s Decision to Embrace Trump Immigration Policies Miami-Dade’s Republican Mayor, Carlos Gimenez had every reason to defy Trump and protect immigrant families across the country he was elected to represent. Instead, Mayor Gimenez has chosen to embarrass Miami-Dade at... Continue »
  Donald Trump’s recent actions on immigration are a dramatic, radical, and extreme assault on immigrants and the values of our country, which is why we must fight back against them. In Florida, Miami-Dade’s Republican Mayor, Carlos Gimenez, has terminated critical protections that would shield immigrant families from Donald... Continue »
Cross-posted from the Florida Immigrant Coalition’s blog: This week, the Strategic Planning & Government Operations Committee of the Miami-Dade County Commission unanimously passed a resolution in support of creating an Identification Card for all county residents. The resolution, sponsored by Commissioner Juan Carlos Zapata and co-sponsored by Commissioner Daniella... Continue »
America’s Voice   America’s Voice Recaps Growing Pushback Against Destructive DeSantis’ Immigration Bill Combating the Nativist Narrative – Weekly Summary – Week of May 29, 2023 Florida Businesses Shut Down in Solidarity With Florida Workers Protesting DeSantis’ Anti-Immigrant Law Trump and DeSantis: Republicans turn their cannons on immigrants once... Continue »
NAACP Warns Florida “Is Openly Hostile Toward African Americans”; HRC Says DeSantis Is Weaving “Bigotry, Hate, and Discrimination Into State Law” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ cruel laws targeting marginalized communities continue to receive blowback from national and state organizations. Civil rights groups NAACP and Human Rights Campaign (HRC) have... Continue »
Washington, DC – In a new column posted on the America’s Voice website, America’s Voice Editor Gabe Ortiz assesses the damage already on display in Florida due to the package of anti-immigrant legislation pushed through by Governor Ron DeSantis ahead of his likely Republican primary run. Read “In the... Continue »
Like the draconian anti-immigrant laws of the past, DeSantis’ show-me-your-papers law already starting to backfire. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got tons of press coverage yesterday when reporters cut and pasted his latest anti-immigrant stunt press release about “deploying assets” to help a fellow anti-immigrant governor in Texas. DeSantis, who... Continue »