A recording of the call is available here. In the historic 2020 election cycle, Latino voters were crucial to both parties in races up and down the ticket in every state. Earlier today, national and state Latino leaders gathered to discuss Latino voter’s impact and discussed their experiences mobilizing Latino voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida,… Continue »

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The spontaneous public demonstrations of joy over the dethroning of Donald Trump and the triumph of the Biden-Harris Democratic duo resembled those from nations where a dictator was unseated, rather than a U.S. election. It was a type of social depressurization that was just as longed for as it was delayed, and the nationwide image,… Continue »

Las espontáneas manifestaciones públicas de alegría por la derrota de Donald Trump y el triunfo de la fórmula demócrata Biden-Harris semejaban las de naciones donde es derrocado un dictador, más que una elección de Estados Unidos. Fue una especie de despresurización social tan ansiada como postergada, que su imagen nacional al unísono resultó ser el… Continue »

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