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Immigration Reform News November 26, 2019 / Qué Pasa En Inmigración

America’s Voice Jared Kushner’s New Assignment At The Border Should Create An Interesting Confrontation With Texas Landowners Whose Land He’s Seizing ICYMI: “When immigrants are more loyal than their president” When immigrants are more loyal than their president English BuzzFeed Trump Wants To Start Deporting Asylum-Seekers To Honduras By January By Hamed Aleaziz November 25, … Continue reading »

Trump’s 2020 Campaign: More of the Same: Cruelty. Hypocrisy. Failure.

“Except this time, the American people already know what to expect and they aren’t falling for Trump’s falsehoods and fear mongering.” Earlier tonight, President Trump launched his 2020 reelection campaign fueled by a false sense of success. As a humanitarian crisis rages on our southern border, created and compounded by the failed policies of Trump … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Launches Ad Campaign While Trump Rallies On Hypocrisy and Failing Immigration Policies

“Trump doesn’t hate immigrants when he’s making money off of them.” In a new series of radio and digital ad campaigns running in Florida, America’s Voice sheds light on Trump’s hypocrisy as he kicks off his 2020 campaign by rallying behind the fear mongering and failing policies that are causing chaos at our borders, deaths … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News May 16, 2019 / Qué Pasa En Inmigración

America’s Voice Trump’s vexations against Puerto Rico must be settled in 2020 Pili Tobar on White House Immigration Proposal: “To say it’s dead on arrival would be generous.” English The New York Times Trump Immigration Plan Emphasizes Immigrants’ Skills Over Family Ties By Michael D. Shear May 15, 2019 Quartz ICE plans to transport 225,000 … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News April 8, 2019/ Qué Pasa En Inmigración

America’s Voice The economic reality of the border has prevented its closure Sonia Nazario’s Powerful NYT Op-ed About Violence Against Women in Honduras: ‘Someone Is Always Trying to Kill You’ Failing and Flailing: Firing Nielsen Reveals Incompetence and Cruelty as Trump Doubles Down on His  Signature 2020 Issue Trump quiere un verdugo más cruel para … Continue reading »