Speakers also announced the Power Up for Citizenship! week of action to urge Congress to move quickly on a bill that offers a direct path for citizenship, with a process that takes years, not decades… Continue »
When 18-year old DREAMer Jessica Bravo visited Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) last week, he yelled at her about how he “hate illegals,” chased her out of the room, and threatened “now I know where you live.”  Sign our petition against condemning his hate! Continue »
Since the 2012 election,  the ranks of the pro-immigration reform movement have been on the rise, while the anti-immigrant movement has been in full retreat… Continue »
Today,  Jose Antonio Vargas became the first openly undocumented journalist to testify before Congress this year when he appeared at an historic Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing. This was the Senate’s first hearing on immigration reform this year, effectively lifting the curtain on what promises to be a roller coaster... Continue »
As the immigration debate heats up, will Republicans continue to side with the anti-immigrant voices in their midst?  Or will the GOP’s recent pro-immigration reform talk be followed with concrete action? Continue »
Earned citizenship already is the “middle-ground option” in the immigration debate, and the only option for Republicans serious about repairing their relationship with Latino voters… Continue »
Since the 2012 election, leading Republican and conservative voices–from Charles Krauthammer to John Boehner to Sean Hannity–have been calling for a new Republican approach to immigration… Continue »
The immigration debate is starting–and it’s time to let Congress know that you support immigration reform with a roadmap to citizenship. Please sign and share our petition… Continue »
The country and the major players are committed to delivering immigration reform with citizenship in 2013.  Now is the time… Continue »
Immigration reform should create a reasonable time frame for a pathway to citizenship. This path should take no longer than 8 years… Continue »