This week the House is will vote on reauthorizing the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), and the Senate Finance Committee will take up much-needed companion legislation to help more Latino and immigrant children access health care. Besides being the right thing to do, and even the fiscally responsible... Continue »
Bush's concession at a final press conference today that Republicans came off as anti-immigrant follows comments last week where he cited not fighting for immigration reform earlier as his biggest regret in office (Not ongoing war in Iraq, not his response to Katrina...). When even George gets that... Continue »
We at America's Voice have to confess, we're a little giddy when we look around. Why? The signs of the times point decisively to comprehensive immigration reform getting ready to move, and soon. Just what are they? In addition to the growing power of the Latino vote and swing... Continue »
On Wednesday we reported that Conan O'Brien would host America's Biggest Rights-Violator, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Well, about a hundred people called in to complain about the Sheriff's record, filling up NBC's late night voicemail box before the audience had time to find their seats. Indeed, self-proclaimed "America's Toughest Sheriff"... Continue »
In "Bush legacy: 'At least we tried doesn't cut it, " Gebe Martinez argues, "Like Bush, Obama is committed to an immigration measure that combines enforcement with earned legalization for illegal immigrants in the country. But as his predecessor proved, Obama cannot wait and turn to immigration after his... Continue »
According to the Phoenix New Times, today's late night show will feature immigration foe, racial profiler, and new FOX reality TV star Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Call NBC and ask for the Conan O'Brien Show: 1-212-664-4444. Tell the producers that Sheriff Joe's tactics may be showy, but they just aren't... Continue »
FAIR’s New Report Misses the Real Numbers of Americans Who Want Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Continue »
For many, hope is the word this holiday. On the topic of immigration reform, the New York Times chimes in: It's way too early to tell whether the United States under President-elect Barack Obama will restore realism, sanity and lawfulness to its immigration system. But it's never too early... Continue »
Arpaio's critics aren't amused. They say they fear the show will give the controversial sheriff positive publicity, ignoring what they call a darker side to his 16-year tenure as top lawman in the county that includes Phoenix. "It's going to celebrate a sheriff that's frankly scaring this community, a... Continue »
What’s more absurd than not blaming the GOP for killing immigration reform? Putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop, as it were: giving employers free reign to treat their workers as they will. Immigration reform that’s got a chance must be good for US workers, immigrant workers,... Continue »