America’s Voice As COVID-19 Spreads Across Georgia, Sens. Loeffler & Perdue Continue to Rubber-Stamp Trump’s Wasteful Wall Medical and Human Rights Experts Discuss Implications of COVID-19 for Immigrants in Detention As COVID-19 Spreads Across North Carolina, Sen. Tillis Continues to Rubber-Stamp Trump’s Wasteful Wall “With Thanks from a Grateful Nation”  While COVID-19 Spreads Across Texas,… Continue »

Earlier today, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders on the frontline of battling the COVID-19 pandemic joined Representative and CHC Chairman Joaquin Castro (TX-20) and Rocio Sáenz, Executive Vice President of the  Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to discuss their critical roles in protecting our communities during this crisis even as the Trump administration is trying… Continue »

The national effort against COVID-19 should be our singular focus during these trying times. Yet President Trump’s border wall obsession continues, taking away resources and personnel that are critical to containing this epidemic.  As a must-read op-ed in The Hill from Gail Emrick, executive director of the Southeast Arizona Area Health Education Center, reminds us: … Continue »

Reminders that Immigrant Farmworkers Are Helping All of Us  Public health experts are clear that all of us in America need to come together and support each other at this time. All of us means all of us. Across many industries and many sectors, often overlooked workers from all walks of life are becoming the… Continue »

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From health care needs to unemployment benefits and more, we understand that many members of our communities are facing a time of great need and confusion. Here’s a list of resources we’ve pulled together that may help: Health care  Measures passed by Congress should pay for coronavirus testing for those who meet the qualifications for… Continue »

Trump Keeps Eye on Fall Election; Bashing Immigrants Central to His Plan As the lethal COVID-19 crisis spreads, more Americans are beginning to recognize the essential role immigrant workers play in our response. They are critical to the work of growing and distributing our food, cleaning hot spots, and delivering life-saving healthcare. Meanwhile, Trump, Stephen… Continue »

ENGLISH Content about immigrant workers Immigrants are on the front lines of America’s health and economy security during the #Coronavirus pandemic. Take a look:  {Download graphic here} Immigrants are saving lives during the #Coronavirus pandemic. 1 in 4 of them are doctors #ThankYouImmigrants {Download graphic here} MEMES Trump: demonizes and attacks immigrants when he should… Continue »

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