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Resources for Immigrants During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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From health care needs to unemployment benefits and more, we understand that many members of our communities are facing a time of great need and confusion. Here’s a list of resources we’ve pulled together that may help:

Health care 

Measures passed by Congress should pay for coronavirus testing for those who meet the qualifications for receiving a test — regardless of undocumented status. However, treatment for the illness is not covered.  Those without health care may be able to seek help through the Affordable Care Act marketplaces, state-based Medicaid, and community health shelters.

The “public charge” rule will not be triggered in any situation where immigrants and their families need testing or care for Covid-19. (See explainer)

Read more at the National Immigration Law Center.

Clinic Access Directory: Healthcare access for Undocumented Folks in the Time of COVID-19

Help for small businesses, nonprofits, gig workers, freelancers, and the self employed

Read this excellent post by Amanda Kool, which covers the Paycheck Protection Program, small business loans, forgivable loans, and more (also available in Spanish here).

Immigration paperwork and DACA renewals

Though USCIS offices are closed, they’ve waived the requirement for new biometrics in DACA renewals, so immigrant youth CAN renew DACA. See resources in English, Spanish. Also see: COVID-19 USCIS Office Closures Guidance

Cash aid 

The $2 trillion stimulus bill Congress passed in March does not include undocumented immigrants in the list of those who may be receiving cash aid. (See Covid-19 stimulus package explainer.) Immigrants may be able to find cash and food assistance from the organizations below. (Many of the links below go to a donation page; please contact the organization directly if you are in need of assistance.)

Many, many other links

Informed Immigrant has a wealth of resources for those looking for information on health care, tax assistance, cash, and much more.

This resource also has a great number of links and resources, especially at the state level.

Other help

Did we miss any links?

Do you know about any funds providing assistance to immigrant workers? Let us know here!