Antes del periodo vacacional, el Congreso proclamó una medida provisional para continuar con el financiamiento gubernamental hasta el 19 de enero. Esta solución en curso no logró abordar la urgente crisis que enfrentan los Dreamers. Previo a las atareadas próximas semanas de negociaciones, exponemos aquí cinco factores clave que impulsan el debate sobre los Dreamers: Los Dreamers… Continue »

Before the holidays, Congress enacted a stopgap measure to continue federal government funding through January 19. This continuing resolution failed to address the urgent crisis facing Dreamers. Ahead of the upcoming busy weeks of negotiations, here are five key factors driving the Dreamer debate: 1) Dreamers need urgent relief now and Members of Congress need to keep their… Continue »

DHS To Decide Whether to Deport 200k Salvadorans in 6 days An op-ed in the The Hill, authored by Bishop Mark Seitz, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of El Paso, Texas, makes a compelling case for protecting the 200,000 Salvadorans living in this country under Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The piece in its entirety can be found… Continue »

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America’s Voice Five Key Factors Driving the Dreamer Debate Trump on Immigration in 2018: “Expect Nobody to be Spared” The Hill: But what about the children? What happens to the 192,000 US citizen children of Salvadoran TPS parents? Cinco factores clave que impulsan el debate sobre los Dreamers English New York Times STOKING FEARS, TRUMP… Continue »