As Donald Trump’s presidency reaches the first 100 days in office benchmark, we’ve been highlighting the Administration’s disastrous approach to immigration. In this, our latest installment of our series assessing Trump’s first 100 days on immigration (full series available here), we examine how Republicans on Capitol Hill have been... Continue »
El Primero de Mayo ha sido durante mucho tiempo un día en el que la comunidad inmigrante y sus aliados se levantan en favor de las familias y por la igualdad ante la justicia. Este año, y dadas las amenazas a los inmigrantes a nivel nacional, estatal y local,... Continue »
May Day has long been a day for the immigrant community and its allies to stand up for immigrant families and equal justice. This year, given threats to immigrants at the national, state and local level, May 1st takes on even greater significance as advocates across the country prepare... Continue »
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ENGLISH Houston Chronicle Critics say ‘sanctuary cities’ bill will lead to racial profiling, lawsuits By Bobby Cervantes, Andrea Zelinski, and Lomi Kriel April 27, 2017 Houston Chronicle Houston group a force behind Trump’s new office for victims of immigrant crime By Kevin Diaz April 26, 2017 Daily Kos Tens... Continue »
Long Island, NY — On a press call today, local community leaders made it clear that what Long Island needs is for local leaders, elected officials, and law enforcement to come together to address the community’s challenges, not a politically-motivated visit by the divisive Attorney General Jeff Sessions. A... Continue »
The Texas House passed its version of the anti-immigrant SB4 today, a draconian bill that would allow local law enforcement officials to ask people about their immigration status, and one that has been described as a “white supremacist’s field day.” As five sheriffs wrote in an op-ed against the... Continue »
The state of Texas is on the verge of enacting legislation that could make the state a pariah in the eyes of the nation. Today, local elected officials and advocates gathered on a press call to condemn this legislation and outline the varied consequences, including: 1) promoting racial profiling... Continue »
This morning, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) took to the House floor to highlight the ways in which Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Trump Administration are demonizing and criminalizing immigrants, in order to make them easier to deport. Sessions is already seeking ways to get his Department of Justice more... Continue »
***PRESS CALL*** TODAY, April 26 3pm EST DIAL IN: 888-632-3385; PASSCODE: “JEFF SESSIONS” PRESS CALL: Ahead of AG Sessions Visit, Long Island Community Leaders Stand United In Support of Their Community and Against Sessions-Trump Hate Long Island, NY —Ahead of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ visit to Long Island, NY,... Continue »
***PRESS CALL*** TODAY, April 27 12pm CT / 1pm ET DIAL IN: 888-632-3384; PASSCODE: “TEXAS SB4” PRESS CALL: Texas Leaders Condemn Draconian State Legislation That Will Increase Racial Profiling, Undermine Public Safety and Persecute Immigrants and Immigrant-Friendly Communities Texas Seems Intent on Becoming the Next Arizona The state of... Continue »