The following is a press release from the #Fast4Families: For pictures of the visit: WASHINGTON, DC – On day 18, “Fast for Families” welcomed the visit of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. SEIU’s Eliseo Medina, NAKASEC’s Dae Joong Yoon, DREAMer and Mi Familia Vota’s Cristian Avila,... Continue »
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s a time to celebrate family, friendship, and patriotism that transcends the boundaries of religion, race, or politics. On Thanksgiving, we put aside the things that divide us and are thankful for the blessings in each of our lives. This year I took a... Continue »
House Republicans have yet to answer an essential and timely question: “what are Speaker Boehner and House Republicans going to do on immigration, and when are they going to do it?  Eliseo Medina and other leaders fasting on the National Mall deserve an answer. Since early November, Medina and... Continue »
This time last year, I was giving thanks for the possibility of a new start for the immigration debate. The 2012 presidential election was fresh in everyone’s minds, and various Republican leaders, nursing their wounds from the thrashing they’d received among Latino voters in the election, were speaking about... Continue »
Last week, we kicked off the “Do Your Jobs” campaign to remind Congress of all the immigrants who will be working hard to produce our food and drink this holiday season.  Throughout the rest of the year, we will be profiling immigrant workers like Alejandro (below), who work every... Continue »
At CNN today, Sally Kohn has a great piece tying together the ongoing #Fast4Families (now on its 16th day) and the recent episode where two young advocates approached Speaker Boehner in a diner and asked him to support immigration reform: The juxtaposition is powerful. At a diner near the... Continue »
Since President Obama’s immigration speech in San Francisco this week–and its disruption by Ju Hong, a DREAMer from South Korea–commentators have been trying to figure out whether Obama has the authority to stop deportations. For some reason (ahem), Politifact decided to examine exactly what Ju said to the President — and... Continue »
As we’ve written about before, Spencer Bachus (R-AL) is a Represenative whose example more House Republicans should seek to emulate.  The 11-term Congressman supports immigration reform with a path to citizenship and has spoken compassionately about how his Christian faith affects his view of immigrants.  And Bachus is from... Continue »
The following is an email from the Alliance 4 Citizenship detailing recent events and activities for immigration reform: Last Thursday, Speaker John Boehner and the House leadership received special Thanksgiving turkeys and wine from activists, as a reminder of the contributions immigrants make for America. Faith leaders from New... Continue »
Associated Press: Advocates press Obama to act on immigration By Donna Cassata The Hill: Obama feels heat on deportations as frustration from allies mounts By Alexander Bolton Down With Tyranny (Blog): How Many Republican Congressmen Will Lose Their Careers Over Racism? CNN: Obama said he can’t stop deportations of... Continue »