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CNN's Sally Kohn: John Boehner Could Pass Immigration Reform, End a Hunger Strike

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At CNN today, Sally Kohn has a great piece tying together the ongoing #Fast4Families (now on its 16th day) and the recent episode where two young advocates approached Speaker Boehner in a diner and asked him to support immigration reform:

The juxtaposition is powerful. At a diner near the Capitol, you have Boehner casually dumping salt on his plate of food while seeming completely uninterested in the plight of the two teens who are telling him how their families have been torn apart by America’s broken immigration policies. In a tent near the Capitol, advocates are literally starving themselves to protest Boehner’s callous inaction.

This Thanksgiving, may we remember the story of our nation’s founding — not always a simple story for all involved, and certainly not since, but at it essence, a story of people coming to a new land seeking new opportunity.

And when we sit down to eat our turkey and fixings, may we remember those who are going without food to support the millions of aspiring Americans whose families cannot be together this holiday season because of our broken laws.

And may we pray that John Boehner, sitting with his own family and saying grace, can find it in his heart and political calculus to bestow grace on others — and finally let immigration reform have a vote.

Read Kohn’s full piece here.