Combatting undocumented immigration by trampling on constitutional rights and encouraging racial profiling are shameful tactics that can affect everyone—including citizens and legal residents. Continue »
WASHINGTON – Tras el desafortunado fallo que dejó en efecto algunas de las cláusulas más onerosas de la ley migratoria HB 56 de Alabama, el gobierno federal se adentra más en la complicada maraña legal de evitar que la lista de estados con leyes migratorias propias siga ampliándose mientras... Continue »
After a disappointing verdict that left some of the worst provisions of Alabama's immigration law HB 56 in effect, the federal government is finding itself ever more deeply entangled in a complicated legal thicket as it tries to figure out how to keep the list of states with their... Continue »
Right in time for Halloween, Alabama has introduced an immigration monster that is literally scaring brown people from their homes while inflicting serious damage on the state's economy, leaving crops to rot in the fields. Continue »
"My wife, my son — I have to get back to them," Daniel kept telling himself, from the moment he was arrested in Seattle for driving with an expired license, all the way through the deportation proceeding that delivered him to Mexico in June. Continue »
Hispanic students have started pulling out of Alabama public schools in the wake of a court ruling that upheld the state's tough new law cracking down on illegal immigration. Education officials say scores of immigrant families withdrew their children from classes or kept them home last week, afraid... Continue »
Alabama lawmakers are facing pressure from agriculture and business groups to change the state's tough new immigration law that a judge allowed to take effect last week. Crops are rotting in the fields because farmers can't find enough workers to harvest them. Continue »
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney—whose attacks on rival Rick Perry for backing college tuition breaks for children of illegal immigrants have hit a nerve with conservatives—has tripped over the immigration issue himself. Continue »
Rick Perry's tuition troubles have a lot to do with the difference between politics in Texas and politics everywhere else. His support for in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants — and the fact that he's sticking with it — started a political tornado. It was enough to... Continue »
A few days ago a group of 19 Republican senators wrote to President Obama, demanding that he retract the directive prioritizing the deportation cases of dangerous criminals. They accuse the White House of "ignoring lawbreakers" and claiming that the directive turns "a blind eye to those who have broken... Continue »