In its FY10-12 Strategic Plan, the Department of Defense identified the DREAM Act as a smart way to expand the pool of potential candidates because it lets high achieving young people enlist. Continue »
The Senate will likely remain in session through the weekend to wrap up unfinished business, Majority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday...Reid said that he also would like to vote on immigration legislation called the DREAM Act. Continue »
A multifaith group of religious leaders, including Dallas pastor Owen Ross, gathered in prayer at the Capitol on Tuesday to urge the Senate to pass the DREAM Act. Continue »
On a cold and dreary Sunday evening, dozens of DREAMers and their supporters gathered together on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to sing slightly altered holiday carols – all with a witty DREAM Act theme. Watch as Eric Byler, of 9500 Liberty and the Coffee Party fame,... Continue »
Ask Patricia Zavala where she was born, and she takes more than a few seconds to respond. "I have to remember ... Urianguato, Guanajuato," she says with hesitation. "... I haven't gone back. I grew up here." Continue »
Faith leaders and supporters of the DREAM Act participated in a "Jericho march" around the U.S. Senate building on Tuesday in hopes that opponents to the bill will fall in favor of the immigration reform. Continue »
The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA) released a "most wanted" list on Tuesday targeting 10 Senate lawmakers — three Democrats and seven Republicans — in hopes of getting the DREAM Act over the finish line before the 111th Congress adjourns. Continue »
Via Politico, folks may need to rethink those off-the-grid holiday travel plans if the DREAM Act doesn't get done this week. See: "Reid threatens post-Christmas session, Hoyer sees business spilling into next week: "Reid ticked off a number of priorities he would like to address before this congress officially... Continue »
With the Senate poised to vote on the DREAM Act before the close of this lame duck session, dozens of prominent clergy – including bishops, national leaders and clergy from numerous key states–converged on the nation's Capitol today to press Senators to vote in favor of the DREAM Act.... Continue »
As the U.S. Senate prepares to take up the DREAM Act this month, pressure is building on Senate Republicans to do the right thing and help the bill become law. With a majority of Democratic senators supporting the bill, the only thing standing in the way of passing... Continue »