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Reid Threatens to Hold Senate in Session “Until We Finish,” Wants Action on DREAM Act

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Via Politico, folks may need to rethink those off-the-grid holiday travel plans if the DREAM Act doesn’t get done this week. See: “Reid threatens post-Christmas session, Hoyer sees business spilling into next week: “

Reid ticked off a number of priorities he would like to address before this congress officially ends in January: The START Treaty, the DREAM Act, the repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell” and other legislative matters.

The Senate is expected to vote on the tax cut tonight. Reid would not say what time he would hold the vote, but post-cloture time expires after midnight. As soon as the vote is complete, he would introduce the START Treaty on the floor.

Earlier today, Reid’s campaign twitter feed read:

Reid on votes for tax cuts, START treaty and DREAM Act: “We need to stay here until we finish.”

Here’s the longer transcript from a press conference today:

REID:  We have made some progress since we visited with you last Thursday.  We still have the same number of things to do, but we have made some progress. 

We’ve got — we must complete the tax bill.  We hope to do that as early as sometime this evening.  We’re going to move as soon as we can to the START treaty.  We may have to go back and forth a little bit, because we have to fund the government. […] Once we complete those three major things, we have other things to do that are extremely important.  We’ve got to make sure that we complete work on the DREAM Act.  There were some very impassioned presentations made in our caucus today on that.

Would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for those. Just today, Senator Bennett (D-CO) posted on his facebook wall:

I support the DREAM ACT because a child who has excelled in school here and only calls America home deserves a shot at college, or the opportunity to serve in the military. We shouldn’t punish our most talented youth for the actions of others.

Watch him make the case:

This fight ain’t over, folks. Keep making those calls!