GOP primary politics could potentially doom their chances to retain control of the Governor’s mansions in Texas and California. Governor Jan Brewer’s signature on SB 1070 and the constant anti-immigrant rhetoric coming from GOP Congressmen is downright offensive to Latinos for whom the Republican brand name is increasingly becoming synonymous with being anti-Latino.

Here’s a rundown of the latest from the races for Governor in that nation’s two largest states, California and Texas.

23/06/10 a 2:50pm por Maribel Hastings WASHINGTON, D.C. – Ya que la Secretaria de Seguridad Nacional (DHS), Janet Napolitano, dice que nunca antes la frontera había estado tan segura ni se habían destinado tantos recursos a tales fines, ¿por qué entonces no se impulsa una reforma migratoria amplia u otras medidas individuales que amparen a… Continue »

Despite heavy criticism for his accusation that Obama has a “default mechanism” that favors, “the black person,” House Rep. Steve King continues to defend his comments while ridiculing the media.

Three young women in North Carolina are starving for the DREAM Act. Viridiana, Loida and Rosario – known as the “North Carolina Dream Team” — are on day eight of their hunger strike, and will continue with it until Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) publicly endorses this common-sense piece of legislation.

The top story in the Spanish-language press today is the local anti-immigrant referendum passed Monday by residents of Fremont, Nebraska. The latest ballot measure continues the battle by anti-immigrant lawyers that started in Arizona with SB 1070, which continues to generate controversy itself. And activists across the country continue to call for the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform.

A top White House official talks to El Diario about immigration, while a Nebraska town tries to banish undocumented immigrants and hunger strikes continue to spring up around the country for immigration reform.

22/06/10 a 12:18pm por Rafael Prieto Zartha Viridiana, Loida y Rosario, integrantes del trío de estudiantes del Equipo de los Sueños de Carolina de Norte, desgajaron lágrimas de desazón el pasado viernes 18 de junio después de sostener un breve encuentro con la senadora demócrata Kay Hagan en Raleigh. Hagan les argumentó que no comparte… Continue »

Speaking before a Tea Party audience in Arizona, Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) made the outrageous claim that President Obama does not “want to secure the borders unless and until it is combined with comprehensive immigration reform.” The media covers the ensuing he-said, she-said food fight. And the larger truth goes unaddressed.

Estados Unidos debe recibir con los brazos abiertos a más jóvenes triunfadores como Eric Balderas Washington, DC –  Su situación generó llamados y editoriales a su favor. El anuncio de que Eric Balderas no enfrentará la deportación es un desarrollo bienvenido y un claro llamado a que se apruebe la medida DREAM Act. Frank Sharry, director ejecutivo de America’s Voice, declaró… Continue », a popular personal finance blog, quickly saved face after one their bloggers posted an unreservedly biased, immigrant-bashing analysis of the economic implications of immigration. The one-sided reporting and questionable data drew hasty scrutiny, leading the site to replace the post with an apology.