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Congressman Steve "the philosopher" King's Busy Week

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Steve King has drawn a great deal of criticism for his accusation a week ago that President Obama has a “default mechanism” that favors “the black person.” Republicans have since distanced themselves from King, disinviting him to an upcoming Republican fundraiser as well as a Tea Party event. King claims he is being quoted out of context, saying he was only referring to the President’s comments last year about the situation between the Cambridge police officer and Harvard professor. But in a recent interview with Laura Ingraham, King did not back down:

INGRAHAM: Do you have any regrets about your comments that you made on Gordon Liddy’s show about the president caring more about black people than other people, are you stepping back from those comments at all?

KING: Not at all, Laura.

Rather than apologizing for his insinuation that the President is racist, King has only fussed at the “liberal media,” saying “the professional hyperventilators from the left went to work.” King declares:

We really should just ridicule them for trying to run with emotions and no logic. I think Socrates and Plato would have laughed themselves silly thinking these people are leading the thought in America.

Congressman, you had me at “Plato.”