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‘Qué Pasa’ in Immigration: Fremont; 1070 Aftershocks; Hunger Strikes

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The top story in the Spanish-language press today is the local anti-immigrant referendum passed Monday by residents of Fremont, Nebraska. The latest ballot measure continues the battle by anti-immigrant lawyers that started in Arizona with SB 1070, which continues to generate controversy itself. And activists across the country continue to call for the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform.

Fremont. Among other restrictive measures, the referendum outlaws housing rentals by undocumented immigrants. A La Opinión (Los Angeles) editorial attacks the ordinance. Télam and the AP have more on the new measure.

1070 aftershocks. An EFE dispatch reports that the lawyer who was the intellectual driving force behind SB 1070 in Arizona is also behind this latest measure in Nebraska. A feature in La Opinión offers a roundup of laws similar to SB 1070 that have been proposed or are being planned in other states, while the AP, Télam and Reuters cover a request from the Mexican government to the U.S. to block the Arizona law before it goes into effect.