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Our Priority Goal:

Win reforms that put 11 million undocumented Americans on a path to full citizenship.






Apr 17, 2024

Sham Mayorkas Impeachment a Mainstream Platform for Dangerous Anti-Immigrant and Anti-Semitic Conspiracies

Since Jan. ‘23, 54 Republican members of Congress have used language associated with the “replacement” theory to call for Secretary Mayorkas’ impeachment Washington, DC — Today, as the sham impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas moves to the Senate floor, it is important to step back and take stock...

Immigration Reform News April 17, 2024 / Qué Pasa En Inmigración

English Univision Arrestos en la frontera suman 1.34 millones en lo que va del año fiscal 2024 April 16, 2024 Univision La Sección 212(f), una controversial herramienta que Biden revisa para cerrar la frontera sur By Jorge Cancino April 16, 2024 Telemundo Graban una nueva modalidad de tráfico de...

Apr 16, 2024

Fabricated Flier a New Low in Congressional Anti-Immigrant and Anti-Democratic Conspiracy Narrative

Even Fox News Doesn’t Buy the Anti-Semitic Bill of Goods that the Heritage Foundation and MTG are pushing Washington, DC — Last night, the Heritage Foundation, one of the leading anti-immigrant groups and the hard-liners behind the extremist Project 2025, began tweeting “breaking” and “critical” alerts about an obviously...

Essential Immigrant Workers:

18.3% of essential workers are immigrant-born. 17.5% of the labor force nationwide are immigrants.

US Health Care:

16% of essentialhealth care workers are immigrants.


131,300 TPS holders and 202,500 DACA recipientsare working on the front lines.

Broad Support:

61% support free COVID-19 treatment forall regardless of status.