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Our Priority Goal:

Win reforms that put 11 million undocumented Americans on a path to full citizenship.






Nov 29, 2022

“Mostly About Common Sense” – David Leopold Analyzes Today’s Immigration Enforcement SCOTUS Hearing

Washington, DC – Today, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case brought by the Republican-controlled states of Texas and Louisiana challenging the Biden administration’s ability to set common sense immigration enforcement priorities. Deporting all 11 million undocumented immigrants living and working in the U.S. is logistically...

Immigration Reform News November 29, 2022 / Qué Pasa En Inmigración

America’s Voice   “Mostly About Common Sense” – David Leopold Analyzes Today’s Immigration Enforcement SCOTUS Hearing English Associated Press High court to hear arguments over Biden’s deportation policy By Mark Sherman November 28, 2022 Wall Street Journal Supreme Court Considers Challenge to Biden Policy Curbing Immigration Arrests By Jess...

Nov 28, 2022

“Get It Done” – Leading Voices Call on Congress to Build on Election Rebuke of GOP Nativism; Deliver Solution for Dreamers and Farm Workers

Washington, DC – Key voices are calling on Congress to deliver on legislation that provides permanent solutions for long-settled immigrants, including Dreamers and farm workers, before the end of the year.  This growing chorus of voices calling for a legislative fix comes after an election cycle in which Republicans’...

Essential Immigrant Workers:

18.3% of essential workers are immigrant-born. 17.5% of the labor force nationwide are immigrants.

US Health Care:

16% of essentialhealth care workers are immigrants.


131,300 TPS holders and 202,500 DACA recipientsare working on the front lines.

Broad Support:

61% support free COVID-19 treatment forall regardless of status.