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Our Priority Goal:

Win reforms that put 11 million undocumented Americans on a path to full citizenship.






Jun 1, 2020

The United States can’t breathe

Maribel Hastings and David Torres The United States is being stalked by different scourges: the coronavirus pandemic and its resulting economic crisis; the political violence against African Americans and minorities; and a prejudiced president, incapable of having empathy for anyone and anything, who continues fomenting violence and division. He...

Immigration Reform News June 1, 2020 / Qué Pasa En Inmigración

America’s Voice   The United States can’t breathe 2020 Ad Update for June Primaries: One Thing COVID Hasn’t Changed is the GOP’s Reliance on their ‘Divide and Distract’ Messaging Estados Unidos ya no puede respirar English El Semanario The only statistic that matters to Trump has nothing to do...

May 29, 2020

The Presidential obsession remains fixed on the wall

Trump’s wall has already passed the level of obsession. It’s like a sort of zipper on a garment that doesn’t fit, but one stubbornly tries to close it anyway. The seams of the garment struggle in the effort, a warning that it’s simply not possible to achieve the objective....

Essential Immigrant Workers:

18.3% of essential workers are immigrant-born. 17.5% of the labor force nationwide are immigrants.

US Health Care:

16% of essentialhealth care workers are immigrants.


131,300 TPS holders and 202,500 DACA recipientsare working on the front lines.

Broad Support:

61% support free COVID-19 treatment forall regardless of status.