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Win reforms that put 11 million undocumented Americans on a path to full citizenship.






Jun 8, 2023

“We Are Losing Employees”: Watch Florida Republicans Admit Law They Passed To Aid DeSantis’ 2024 Run Is Hurting the Economy, Increasing Prices for Consumers and Terrifying Workers

Florida Republicans finally admitted out loud what we’ve been insisting all along: their anti-immigrant law passed to aid Gov. Ron DeSantis’ 2024 presidential run is harming their state by scaring away immigrant workers.  In a video shared on social media by state organizer Thomas Kennedy, Florida lawmakers Alina Garcia,...

“Protecting TPS Holders Is About Protecting American Families”: Lawmakers And Advocates Urge Biden Admin To Expand TPS For Nations Including El Salvador and Honduras

Several House Democratic leaders spoke at a press conference outside the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. on Thursday to urge the Biden administration to expand temporary protections for immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.  Temporary Protected Status (TPS) allows immigrants to live and work legally...

The Immigration Storyline Ron Desantis Doesn’t Want You to Focus On

Washington, DC – Yesterday, Ron DeSantis traveled to Arizona for an anti-immigration speech and garnered more attention for his latest dehumanizing political stunt to fly migrants to California. As the New York Times correctly noted, “stoking outrage is the point.”  While Gov. DeSantis is clearly trying to play to...

Essential Immigrant Workers:

18.3% of essential workers are immigrant-born. 17.5% of the labor force nationwide are immigrants.

US Health Care:

16% of essentialhealth care workers are immigrants.


131,300 TPS holders and 202,500 DACA recipientsare working on the front lines.

Broad Support:

61% support free COVID-19 treatment forall regardless of status.