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More Of That #GOPLatinoOutreach: Trump Attacks Nation’s First And Only Latina Governor

Donald Trump has pretty much wrapped up the GOP nomination for President, but that hasn’t stopped him from taking swipes at his fellow Republicans — including the nation’s first and only Latina governor, Susana Martinez. At a rally in New Mexico yesterday, a spiteful Trump — reportedly bitter that Martinez not only repeatedly criticized him, … Continue reading »

Rep. Gutiérrez: Hanen Wants To Dox 100,000 Immigrants For “Every Two-Bit Vigilante And Twitter Troll To Read”

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez slammed the recent frenzied dictates of Judge Andrew Hanen, who has outrageously ordered the federal government turn over the names and addresses of 100,000 DACA recipients. “The newspaper La Opinion called Judge Hanen’s plan ‘onerous and absurd,’” said Rep. Gutiérrez during a House floor speech earlier today. “That’s an understatement.” “Though you … Continue reading »

Why We Cannot Afford to Normalize Donald Trump and His Mass Deportation Vision

During her speech at the SEIU convention yesterday, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton focused needed attention on presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s mass deportation vision for America. Clinton said, “He’s talking about sending a deportation force to schools, workplaces and homes to round up moms, dads, grandparents, even children. When he talks about ending birthright citizenship, … Continue reading »

Univision’s María Elena Salinas Booed For Speaking Spanish During College Graduation Speech

Renowned Univision anchor and Emmy-winning journalist María Elena Salinas was booed by students and others for speaking a portion of her speech in Spanish during a California State University, Fullerton graduation ceremony. Salinas was receiving an honorary degree from the university and made the majority of her speech in English. But the booing began when … Continue reading »

María Elena Salinas: The Examples Of Trump-Inspired “Hate Against Immigrants Are Increasing From Coast To Coast

Univision highlighted AV’s “Trump Hate Map” during a recent segment on how Donald Trump’s dangerous rhetoric has inspired his followers to commit acts of violence and harassment against Latinos and immigrants. “Something is happening in the country that we haven’t seen in many years — an anti-immigrant sentiment that is turning violent,” said long-time Univision … Continue reading »

More Than 300 Students At Majority-Latino School Stage Walkout After Student Hangs “Build A Wall” Banner On Campus

More than 300 students from Forest Grove High School staged a walkout this week after a student hung a “Build A Wall” banner on campus. “It’s just intolerable,” Superintendent Yvonne Curtis. “I think it makes people feel unsafe which is why we dealt with it immediately.” However, the Oregon students felt the school district has … Continue reading »

If Mike Coffman Doesn’t Stand with Trump, He Should Say So

Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, the leader of the GOP nationally and in Colorado. Previously Representative Mike Coffman has said he would support the Republican nominee, and he hasn’t changed his position now that the nominee is likely to be Trump. Further, as we noted last week, many of Rep. Coffman’s past stances … Continue reading »

The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference Should Reject Donald Trump’s Message — And So Should All Other Latino Groups

The president of the nation’s largest Hispanic evangelical group is currently deciding whether or not to air a video message taped by Donald Trump for its annual conference this weekend. Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, told the Post that though he had not reached out to or spoken to … Continue reading »

More Reminders of How the Trump Campaign is Mainstreaming Hate – and Why Republicans Should Not Capitulate

Last summer, we introduced the “Trump Hate Map” – a comprehensive look at the locations and events where Latinos, immigrants, and other people of color have been harassed or attacked by Trump or his supporters. We noted that, to a degree unprecedented in recent American political history, Trump and his campaign’s dangerous blend of nativism, demagoguery, and … Continue reading »

Trump-Inspired Brothers Sentenced To Prison For Brutally Assaulting Mexican Immigrant

Two self-proclaimed Donald Trump supporters have been sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to assaulting a homeless Latino man last August because they thought he was an undocumented immigrant. Brothers Scott and Steven Leader “pled guilty to several felony charges, including assault and battery, intimidation, and civil rights violations,” according to the Boston Globe. “Scott … Continue reading »