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If Mike Coffman Doesn’t Stand with Trump, He Should Say So

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Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, the leader of the GOP nationally and in Colorado. Previously Representative Mike Coffman has said he would support the Republican nominee, and he hasn’t changed his position now that the nominee is likely to be Trump. Further, as we noted last week, many of Rep. Coffman’s past stances on immigration are aligned closely with those proposed by Donald Trump.

While it’s true, as the Colorado 7News Politifact report notes, that Coffman has broken with his party on some immigration policies, it’s clear where he stands overall. Unless Representative Coffman declares unequivocally that he opposes Trump’s hateful, xenophobic campaign then he is #WithTrump.

Added Alvina Vasquez, Director of Colorado’s Voice, “Coffman is a failing politician. He has failed his constituents, and he has consistently changed his position on immigration. If he has now changing his position on supporting the Republican nominee, he should say so. We know where Trump stands, and the Colorado voters need to know where Coffman stands. We understand why Politifact got their assessment wrong, because Coffman has been on all sides of immigration debate, and it’s time he makes his position clear. It’s hard to fact check a flip-flopper, and while Politifact checked his flip, they ignored his flop. When it comes to fact-checking Coffman, the struggle is real.”