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Rep. Gutiérrez: Hanen Wants To Dox 100,000 Immigrants For “Every Two-Bit Vigilante And Twitter Troll To Read”

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Rep. Luis Gutiérrez slammed the recent frenzied dictates of Judge Andrew Hanen, who has outrageously ordered the federal government turn over the names and addresses of 100,000 DACA recipients.

“The newspaper La Opinion called Judge Hanen’s plan ‘onerous and absurd,’” said Rep. Gutiérrez during a House floor speech earlier today. “That’s an understatement.”

“Though you have made no mistake and have zero responsibility for the controversy, you–the applicant – could have your name and address published for every two-bit vigilante and Twitter troll to read,” said Rep. Gutiérrez about Judge Hanen’s plan to dox thousands upon thousands of young immigrants busy going to school, working, and living their daily lives.

“I thought Republicans were the ones who didn’t like activist judges?  I thought they wanted as little government as possible and to leave the legislating – and I suppose the intimidating – to the politicians.”

“Judge Hanen is also using some good old-fashioned scare tactics to see if he can compete with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the GOP presidential nominee for the title of who is most shamelessly anti-immigrant.”

Rep. Gutiérrez also noted that the House Judiciary Committee, in the new era of Trump, would be reviewing an anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim proposal to force “certain Muslims and visa applicants from certain Muslim countries…get an extra layer of security screening.”

Rep. Gutiérrez made his speech with pictures of Trump and Judge Hanen side-by-side:

“I thought the campaign promise to bar Muslims from traveling here was a campaign promise that would never be realized unless your leader won the campaign.”

“Don’t get me wrong.  If I thought Republicans were proposing a process to make things more secure or give the U.S. a better immigration system, I would support it and I think we could pass something like that on a bipartisan basis in Congress today.  But come on, guys? Do you really believe that House Republicans are trying to craft a sensible bill related to immigration in an election year?  Do they think Americans are really that gullible?”

“No, the Party of Trump has launched an all-out radical assault on LEGAL immigration and hopes everyone is so scared of ‘rapey’ Mexicans, sex-crazed Italians, and Vietnamese immigrants with Ebola in one hand and ‘Zeekee-Flies’ in the other.”

“Lock down the whole system.”

“Lady Liberty, lower your lamp, cover up your poem and take a seat because terrorists got in once, which is enough reason to keep everyone out…from the computer programmer to the ski instructor to the refugee fleeing systematic violence.”

“If you ask me, maybe it is not the hundreds of Justice Department lawyers who have nothing to do with Judge Hanen’s courtroom who need the “onerous” remedial ethics training classes.  Maybe it is Judge Hanen’s allies here in the House and throughout the Republican Party who could use a mandatory lesson on right and wrong.”

See Rep. Gutiérrez’s remarks in full here, and video of the speech is below.