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María Elena Salinas: The Examples Of Trump-Inspired “Hate Against Immigrants Are Increasing From Coast To Coast

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Univision highlighted AV’s “Trump Hate Map” during a recent segment on how Donald Trump’s dangerous rhetoric has inspired his followers to commit acts of violence and harassment against Latinos and immigrants.

“Something is happening in the country that we haven’t seen in many years — an anti-immigrant sentiment that is turning violent,” said long-time Univision anchor and Emmy-winning journalist María Elena Salinas.

“For many, this is a result of the negative rhetoric from the presidential campaign. What is certain is that the examples of hate against immigrants are increasing from coast to coast.”

The Spanish-language segment — a portion of it is translated here by Media Matters — features José Antonio Machado, a DREAMer who was physically assaulted at a Trump rally in Doral, Florida.

“They tore down my banner, they pushed me, they stepped on me, they kicked me,” Machado tells Univision. “I think Trump, his words, raises an anti-immigrant sentiment.”

Since the brutal attack that left an immigrant man in Boston hospitalized at the hands of two Trump supporters in Boston last year — both men have been subsequently sentenced to at least two years in prison each — we’ve attempted to document instances of hate inspired by Donald Trump.

Those instances have now gone into the dozens across America.

“There are 5 months left until the presidential election, and while many immigrants are worried for what will come, millions of Latino voters are preparing themselves to combat racism that is considered to be proliferating,” says Salinas.

“If Trump were to win the presidency in November, what do you think will be the destiny of the country? Of immigrants?”