273,000 Children at Risk of Deportation at the Hands of the Trump Administration Countdown to Somalia TPS Decision Deadline: 3 Days In an article for Roll Call, Camila DeChalus brings attention to yet another looming family separation crsis. TPS holder parents and their more than 273,000 U.S. citizen children face separation if forcibly deported after… Continue »

Trump Administration is Forcing Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Holder Parents to Leave Their U.S. Citizen Children Behind Countdown to Somalia TPS Decision Deadline: 6 Days In a piece for the Miami Herald, columnist Fabiola Santiago exposes one of the most gut wrenching decisions a parent could make: forced family separation. This is the current reality… Continue »

A recording of the press call is available here. Today, TPS holder parents, U.S. citizen children of TPS parents, and policy experts discussed the potentially catastrophic implications if deportations commence as a result of the Trump Administration’s cancellation of Temporary Protected Status from 300,000 legal immigrants who have built their lives in the U.S. If… Continue »

300,000+ Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Holders and Their 273,000 US Citizen Children the Next Victims of Forced Family Separations Countdown to Somalia TPS Decision Deadline: 10 Days In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Mark Schneider explains the dark reality 300,000 TPS holders will face when their status expires and they are forcibly deported: separation… Continue »

Non-Redesignation for Yemeni TPS Holders Means Uncertainty and Deportation For Many Earlier today, the Trump administration decided not to redesignate Yemen for Temporary Protected Status despite the country’s ongoing civil war and humanitarian crises.  While those currently provided TPS were granted an 18 month extension, those who fled after the deadline face deportation. The decision… Continue »

Trump Administration Will Be Sending Families Back Into a War Zone Without Redesignation AND Extension of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Countdown to TPS Decision Deadline for Yemen: 2 Days Stephen Snyder of PRI reports on the urgency of the Trump administration  to redesignate and extend Temporary Protected Status for families from Yemen who have fled… Continue »

Yemeni TPS Holder Grapples with Upcoming Extension Deadline Countdown to TPS Decision Deadline for Yemen: 3 Days DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has until July 5th, this Thursday, to decide whether to extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) or deport the approximately 1,200 Yemenis legally working and raising families in the United States. In a piece for… Continue »

Countdown to TPS Decision Deadline for Yemen and Somalia: 7 Days Reporting for Color Lines, Alfonso Serrano writes that a judge in San Francisco is allowing Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders to sue the Trump Administration for terminating TPS for over 300,000 immigrants legally working and raising families in the U.S. The ruling is a… Continue »

The Next Family Separation Crisis Is The Revocation of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) On Friday, WLRN reported that the Archbishop of Miami joined Miami community leaders at a press conference focused on the next family separation crisis. If TPS is allowed to expire for over 300,000 immigrants legally working and contributing to our society, they… Continue »

Terminating TPS for Yemen Would Send People Directly to the ‘World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis’ On June 20, Church World Service (CWS) and the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) delivered a letter signed by more than 650 faith leaders to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), calling on the administration to protect TPS holders from… Continue »